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Updated: 6/30/23

Look, campers are just expensive now. RVs used to be just big, slow things our grandparents drove from FL to Branson, MO, or at best, converted vans climbers and surfers lived in. These days, it seems they are reserved for only the super-rich. While that may be a bit hyperbolic, the Living Vehicle HD-Pro camper trailer’s price isn’t. This new luxury camper is so expensive; I’m not even sure you can afford to read about it. 

The Living Vehicle HD-Pro in a snow field. This is the most expensive camper trailer on the market.
Living Vehicle HD-Pro | LV

What is Living Vehicle? 

Living Vehicle trailers are luxury camper trailers meant to pair with EVs. The 2024 lineup offers two categories, Heavy Duty and Luxury Touring. Both of these categories are offered in three trims; Core, Max, and Pro. The HD trailers clock in at 30 feet long in a triple-axle iteration that weighs 14,000-16,000 pounds and has a GVWR of 18,000-20,000 pounds. The irony is, there isn’t an EV brawny enough to pull one of these yet. However, LV does give a list of recommended trucks to pull the rig, like a Ram HD or Ford Super Duty.

How much is the most expensive camper trailer? 

Living Vehicle HD-Pro patio with someone standing on it.
Living Vehicle HD-Pro extendable patio | LV

There are some multi-million-dollar motorhomes out there, but those are a different breed. They are vehicles you can drive and live in. It’s a different class altogether. However, As far as tow-behind campers go, the Living Vehicle HD-Pro is the top dog. 

The base-model LT-Core starts at $359,995. MotorTrend notes that this starting price is more expensive than the flagship Bowlus Volterra, priced at $310,000. But that’s not all. The real players can step up to the larger HD trailers, the flagship HD-Pro trim starting at $639,995. If you spend some time on the configurator on Living Vehicle’s site, as the folks at MT did, then you can easily crest the $900,000 mark. 

How nice is the most expensive camper trailer? 

Living Vehicle HD-Pro bathroom showing the sink and shower
Living Vehicle HD-Pro bathroom | LV

As far as the interior and its amenities, the options are vast. There is an incredible electric kitchen that can be moved to the camper’s patio (yes, we said patio). There’s even an optional Luxury Housekeeping package that adds a washer/dryer combo, dishwasher, and central vacuum system. You can also opt for a built-in air purifier. 

The LV energy system is one of the brand’s major draws. The power system provides 72kWh of battery storage and 18kW of power. Passenger- and driver-side solar awnings unfurl to offer shade and present the solar-covered roof. The HD-Pro has 4.4kW of solar power with the awnings up. There are also four optional deployable 400W solar panels that add another 1.6 kW of solar power for a total of 6kW. There’s also Level 2 EV charging for the theoretical EV towing it. 

One of the coolest features is LV’s Watergen water generation system. This sci-fi movie trick pulls up to five gallons of water from the air over 24 hours. That water is treated and dispensed into the camper’s 100-gallon tank. 

The features are seemingly endless; (takes a deep breath). For some extra cheddar, you can get a 12V vitreous porcelain macerating toilet, an extendable outdoor shower, teak, a stainless folding seat in the shower, a lighted mirror with anti-fog technology, a Bluetooth hydraulic leveling system, and maybe another 10 trillion other features. This skyscraper turned sideways, can sleep up to eight people – and I can only assume – quite comfortably.