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Pickup trucks are insanely popular, and with good reason. They offer a blend of function with rugged versatility and style. It’s no wonder that the Ford F-150 has been the number-one selling vehicle for decades. In fact, in some states pickup trucks make up a full third of all vehicles on the road. Yet in others, they don’t even crack the 10% mark. So which states love their pickup trucks the most?

Pickup trucks make up more than 30% of vehicles in 5 states

There are five states where pickup trucks make up more than 30% of all vehicles on the roads, according to iSeeCars. The number one state is Wyoming, with 37.6% of all vehicles on the roads being pickup trucks. Number two is Montana with 34.2% of vehicles being trucks. North Dakota comes in third at 31.4% and Idaho is fourth at 31.2%. Number five is Alaska, with 30.8% of all vehicles on the road being pickup trucks. One thing that all of these states have in common are that they have mountainous terrain that requires something like a pickup truck.

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Pickup trucks are popular in South Dakota

South Dakota almost hits 30% of vehicles being pickup trucks with 29.8% of vehicles being pickup trucks. That’s likely because South Dakota also has a rugged terrain which means that drivers benefit from pickup trucks. West Virginia is right behind South Dakota at 27.1% and Nebraska is just shy of 25% at 24.6%. So is Vermont, also at 24.6% and Oklahoma rounds things out at 24.5%.

Arkansas and Iowa are tied

Arkansas and Iowa are tied at 24.3%, taking place number 11 and number 12. Number 13 is Maine at 24.1%, as is New Mexico. Then come Louisiana and Kentucky, at 23.6% and 23% respectively. Kansas, a largely flat state, has 21.6% of vehicles being pickup trucks. Wisconsin and Mississippi both have 21% of their vehicles being trucks and then come Utah and Alabama, both at 20.5%. Rounding out the states with more than 20% trucks is Minnesota at 20.1%.

Missouri is just shy of 20%

Just under 20% is Missouri at 19.6%, followed by Michigan at 19.3% and Texas at 19.2%. Surprised that Texas is so low on the list? That’s because while Texas has the largest volume of pickup trucks, less than 20% of vehicles on the road are actually trucks. Tennessee and South Carolina are tied at 19.1% and then Colorado at 19%. Still above average is New Hampshire at 18.6%, Washington at 18.3%, and Oregon at 17.7%.

19 states are below average

The average percentage of pickup trucks on the road is 16.6%. Below that line are North Carolina and Indiana at 16.3%, then Georgia and Hawaii at 16%. In Ohio, 15.9% of vehicles are pickup trucks, while in Arizona it’s 15.1%. This is followed by Pennsylvania at 14.9% and Nevada at 14.5%. Then comes Virginia at 14.2%, Rhode Island at 14.1%, and Florida at 13.7%.

The northeast dominates the bottom of the list

Delaware has just 13.6% of vehicles on the road being pickup trucks and Illinois is at 12.9%. Then Massachusetts has just 12% of vehicles being pickup trucks, followed by California at 11.7%. New York has only 11.6% of vehicles being pickup trucks, Maryland has 11.1%, then Connecticut at 10.4%. In last place is New Jersey at 8%.

It’s not a surprise that the states with the most mountainous terrain have the highest rate of pickup trucks. Similarly, it’s unsurprising that the northeast has the lowest rate of pickup trucks.


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