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How do we protect our cars from flood damage? As we continue to press forward with our current way of life, we see increasingly devastating weather events. One of the most prominent lately has been the onslaught of hurricanes through the Caribbean and our own Gulf Coast. We tend to focus on houses when discussing the damage, but cars are often destroyed in mass when waters rise, rendering many of them doomed. Other than the new semi-waterproof Rivian, luckily, there is a new invention that may just help protect cars from future flooding. 

a car partially submerged after a flood. It's time to start taking steps to protect cars from flood damage
Cars in Rheingold Place in Huapai are underwater as heavy rain causes extensive flooding | Fiona Goodall/Getty Images

Why is having a vehicle so important after a natural disaster? 

Ida, Harvey, Sandy, Dorian, Maria, and Irma are only a few examples of major hurricanes that have decimated the Caribbean, Gulf Coast, and the Eastern Seabord over the past 10 years. These hurricanes each caused many billions of dollars in damage each time. To make matters worse, these hurricanes aren’t the only things that cause major flood damage. The point is, flood damage is an increasing reality for our world, and it’s time to start taking action. 

According to The Drive, Rahel Abraham may have helped with at least one aspect of flood damage. After surviving Hurricane Harvey – the storm that hit Houston, TX, in 2017 – she set to work to make sure people have a way to at least protect their cars from flood damage. 

Luckily, no lives were lost in her direct community, but she and her neighbors watched helplessly as their cars were destroyed by the rising floodwaters. While this seems like just “stuff” on the surface, anyone who has lived through a natural disaster like this knows the value of having a safe working car to mobilize after the storm. 

The hours right after a natural disaster are important to rescuing folks who may be trapped or injured. As Abraham and her neighbors found out, all that floodwater left their cars ruined and destined to their parking (floating) spots. So, Abraham decided to do something about it. 

How can we protect cars from flood damage? 

After losing her Infiniti G35 to the relentless floodwaters, using her chemical engineering degree, she began working on the idea that would later turn into Climaguard. This temporary enclosure is made of a heavy-duty, tarpaulin type of waterproof material specially designed to protect cars from flood damage. 

Losing her car in the flood was one thing, but she also had her friend’s artwork collection in her car that made the loss all the more devastating. 

Abraham told The Drive in an interview, “These events took a toll on my neighbors and I, especially since there was little we could do to prevent this same outcome if another flooding event occurred.” She went on to say, “That same year, Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit, and the affected communities lost about one million cars. At that moment, I decided if I do not create a better option for flood-prone communities, these total losses in affected areas will continue to happen.”

Although she is an accomplished engineer, the resulting idea is beautifully simple. The vehicle – or anything else that can fit – is closed up into the contraption and zipped up to keep the flood damage from occurring. Being as smart as she is, she thought to put the zipper on top of the giant bag so that even if the object is floating, the water won’t get in. 

“Once it starts floating, it’s like a boat,” Abraham says. “You can move it with one hand.”

The Climaguard helps protect cars from flood damage in more than one way

Cars on Flooded City Street
Cars on Flooded City Street | Gary Hershorn/Getty Images

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Not only does this creation help protect cars from flood damage by keeping them dry, but there are also built-in anchor points that keep your car from drifting off throughout the storm. She also made sure that it could be used by a single person during an emergency. Lastly, the material is not only strong and waterproof, but it can also be stored for a long time without degrading. 

The Climaguard can fit in a duffle bag and only weighs 30 lbs. She also kept the pricing affordable, at least compared to car insurance deductibles are concerned. Climaguard costs $399, which is $100 cheaper than most car insurance deductibles. She figured, spend this money now and be protected instead of dealing with insurance later. It will not only save you money but will help keep you and your community safer in the event of a flood by keeping a working set of wheels.