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Honda has always had a finger in what consumers want in a car, truck, or SUV. Do you want reliability and practicality? All Honda vehicles have that. Do you want fuel efficiency and style? Pick any model. What about a manual transmission? Well, in that case, you only have a few 2022 Honda models to choose from.

2022 Honda Civic Hatchback

A white 2022 Honda Civic Hatchback model driving through a tunnel
2022 Honda Civic Hatchback | American Honda Motor Co., Inc

For 2022, the Honda Civic is offered in either sedan or hatchback form. If you choose the sedan, then there’s only a CVT available. But if you opt for the hatchback model, you’ll be able to shift the gears yourself with a six-speed manual. It’s not available on every trim, though. Only the mid-trim Civic Hatchback Sport and top-trim Sport Touring have it.

There are two different engines available depending on which sporty trim you pick. The Civic Sport has a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter engine under the hood that pumps out 158 hp and 138 lb-ft of torque. The Sport Touring trim level comes with a more powerful turbocharged 1.5-liter that makes 180 hp and 177 lb-ft of torque. It also returns better fuel economy at 28 city/37 highway mpg compared to the Sport’s 26/36 ratings, respectively.

2022 Honda Civic Si

2022 Honda Civic Si sports sedan
2022 Honda Civic Si sports sedan | American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

If 180 hp isn’t enough for you, then the 2022 Honda Civic Si sedan has what you need. The Civic Si was revamped for the 2022 model year and has a more sophisticated feel to it. Not to mention, its six-speed manual transmission is by far one of the best-feeling shifters on the market. Fortunately, that slick-shifting stick is the only transmission choice available, and it also has a limited-slip differential.

That extra traction comes in handy when putting all 200 horses from its turbocharged 1.5-liter engine down to the ground. Even better, the Civic Si can be purchased with a set of super-stick summer tires, which is an upgrade we highly recommend.

2023 Honda Civic Type R

The new Honda Civic Type R is more powerful and better looking than the 2021 Civic Type R.
2023 Honda Civic Type R | Honda

The 2023 Honda Civic Type R hasn’t hit the dealer showrooms yet, but it will only come with a six-speed manual transmission when it does. Even better, the manual transmission will be paired with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that will put down 315 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. That makes it the most powerful Honda Civic Type R ever produced!

We can’t wait for the all-new Civic Type R to come out so that we can review it. We loved the previous iteration of the Civic Type R and can tell that the new one will be that much better.

New Honda models that still come with a manual transmission

Although it’s slim pickings when it comes to new Honda models with manual transmissions, we’re glad the Japanese automaker is still saving the manuals in 2022. Gone are the Accord and HR-V manual transmissions, but we think the Civic platforms are more fun to drive with a stick shift. If you want a little more driver engagement, then check out the new Mazda models that are still offered with a manual transmission.


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