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If you’ve been following along with the progress of the new Halo show on Paramount+, you know Sunday was a big day. Finally, a brand new trailer for the long-awaited videogame adaptation of the popular franchise. Many people, including this writer, have long-awaited a live-action Halo movie or television show. However, as many people watched the trailer hundreds of times, we noticed something odd. In the background of the new Halo show trailer, there’s a…Chevy Tahoe?

What’s a Chevy Tahoe doing in the Halo show trailer?

Firstly for those unfamiliar with Halo and its story, it takes place in the 26th century. Additionally, humans are scattered across multiple planets, freely travel through space, and fight aliens by this time. Aliens who have their own custom arsenal of weapons, armor, and, most importantly, vehicles. These aliens are known as the Covenant, and there’s only one man who can stop them. In the original games, Master Chief, or John-117, is the only remaining Spartan, a super-soldier trained since childhood to defend humanity. Players control Master Chief while navigating through many planets, Halo rings, and more to defeat the Covenant onslaught.

In conclusion, it makes absolutely no sense for an old Chevy Tahoe to be parked in the background of the trailer. While the new Halo show is not canonical, that doesn’t excuse the use of modern-day vehicles. In 2525, it’s hard to believe anyone will be driving a Tahoe produced roughly 500 years earlier. It’s one of those things that once you see it, you can’t unsee it. So who parked their old Chevy Tahoe behind Master Chief fighting elites?

Who parked their Chevy Tahoe there?

Master Chief fights Elites in the new Halo show trailer on Paramount+ with a Chevy Tahoe parked in the background
Halo TV Series on Paramount+ | Screenshot via Paramount Plus on Youtube

At about the 49-second mark during the new Halo show trailer, there’s a short clip of Master Chief with an assault rifle fighting two Elites. The two Elites are better equipped for close-range combat, taking swings at the Chief with energy swords. The camera slowly rotates to the right while they dive, dip, duck, and dodge. On the left side of the screen, parked next to a small building and some debris is a shockingly intact Chevy Tahoe in the background.

According to The Drive, the Tahoe was produced between 2000 and 2006. It uses General Motors’ GMT800 body-on-frame architecture, but we can’t guarantee it’ll last 500 years. There are a few options for why the SUV sits in the background. Firstly, as The Drive suggested, to pay homage to the time the original game came out. Since it was in the year 2001, it could be a reminder of where the series started. Halo: Combat Evolved was a trendsetter for the gaming industry, and it’s still influencing games today. Many years, games, graphic novels, and books later, Halo is still going strong with its most recent installment, Halo: Infinite.

The next and least likely option is that the Tahoe lasted 500 years. Maybe Master Chief is the one who drove it into battle, leaving the Warthog behind. If he drives as much as the average American, there would be roughly 7,131,500 miles on the odometer. That’s 500 years of driving the American average as of 2019, which is 14,263 miles per year, according to KBB.

It’s probably just an ad partnership with the new Halo show trailer

The final and most likely reason the Chevy Tahoe appears in the new Halo show trailer is it’s an ad. Unfortunately, the most boring answer is the most realistic, and GM likely paid for some of this trailer, and the Tahoe is ad placement. However, we don’t know the true answer. Maybe someone who worked on the trailer just parked in the wrong spot that day. Finding out the Chevy Tahoe is indestructible 500 years later would’ve been a lot more fun. Maybe in the following trailer, Master Chief can take a phone call on his Nokia 3310, which is also rumored to be indestructible.

The brand new Halo show starts streaming on Paramount+ on March 24.


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