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If you’ve been using Google Maps for navigation, you probably know that Google makes regular updates from time to time. In one of the latest updates, an option was to find EV fast chargers. By just typing “EV charging stations” into the Google Maps search option, you can find a fast EV charging option in its filter. You should know about Google Maps updates for fast EV charging. 

How to locate a fast charger for your EV on Google Maps 

The Inside EVs state that you must type “EV charging stations” into the Google Maps search box and select the “fast charge” option in the filter. This will help you narrow to a plug compatible with your car’s plug. This update is built from a previous search option that allowed EV owners to search stations based on their plug compatibility. 

EV owners can choose between different plug options, which include CCS, J1772, CHAdeMO, and Tesla. This helps them narrow down to a plug most suited for their vehicles. This makes Google Maps a more reliable Electric Vehicle charging map app than other options available for download. This feature is available for Android and iOS versions and in every country with EV charging stations. You must have the latest Google Maps version to access this feature. 

Advantages of fast EV charging options on Google Map

An EV charging with Google's new update it will make charging an EV easier.
Charging EV | Nathan Laine via Getty Images

The new EV fast charging feature will help electric car owners save time while looking for a charging station and charging their vehicles. If your closest charging station has a lower voltage, you can drive to a station with a higher voltage which guarantees a fast charging capability. For instance, if you have a Level 2 charger close by, this feature can help you identify a higher voltage of up to 350 kW DC station, cutting your time from several hours to a few minutes. 

You may drive a bit farther, significantly reducing your charging period. This feature can also help avoid plugging your EV for a long time, which can damage your battery. 

Other Google Maps feature for EV charging navigation 

Google has added other features to its EV charging station navigation besides the one used to locate fast charging stations. One of these additional features allows users to tailor their route planning specific to electric and combustion-engined vehicles. According to ArsTechnica, choosing this feature for your EV will help you get to your desired destination quickly and efficiently. 

To access this feature, tap on the top-right button of the updated route preview screen and pick the “route option.” Click on “electric” on the engine type options, and select “prefer fuel-efficient routes” to get the most efficient route. This feature is not a complete EV route planner yet, but Google has rolled it out in Europe, the US, and Canada. 


New Google Maps Feature Finds the Most Fuel-Efficient Route

According to CNBC, Google has also updated its augmentation reality tool with a feature known as “Search with Live View.” This feature allows its users to use their phone cameras to find what’s around them. 

Hold up your phone and tap the camera icon in Maps to use this feature. This will show you all the nearby landmarks, restaurants, bars, banks, hotels, ATMs, and parks. You can also tell how busy these places are, the prices of commodities they sell, whether these establishments are open, and how Google Maps users rate them. This feature was first launched in six major cities, LA, San Francisco, Paris, Tokyo, London, and New York, but Google will roll it out to other cities soon.