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While the new Ford Mustang might look different on the outside, the most dramatic changes are within. Specifically, Ford gave the beloved sports car nameplate a completely redesigned interior with performance and personalization in mind. In fact, the marque claims that the interior is “fighter jet-inspired.” So let’s strap in and take a look at the new Ford Mustang’s interior and its features, like Sync 4. 

What’s new in the new Ford Mustang interior?

The new S650 seventh-generation Ford Mustang offers a completely redesigned interior. The most noticeable feature is the 12.4-inch customizable digital cluster that blends seamlessly into a 13.2-inch center stack. It’s the most technologically advanced Mustang by orders of magnitude; users can swipe to move information in real time. Furthermore, Ford says the customizable displays use the Unreal Engine 3D video game technology to enhance the user experience. 

The new Ford Mustang interior leaves little to be desired; it even packs Ford's Sync 4 infotainment system.
New Ford Mustang Interior | Ford

Moving away from the screens, the new Ford Mustang features a new flat-bottom steering wheel with a revised button layout. Also, the latest pony car features new cloth seats, with leather options for the GT trim, says Car and Driver. Finally, if you’d rather listen to your favorite tunes than the music of a 5.0L Coyote V8, Ford is offering a B&O sound system. 

The new Ford Mustang’s interior has a couple of party pieces

So you’re not sold by the big, flashy screens? OK, well, the new Mustang’s interior features a couple of cool little party pieces that might sway you. First, for GT buyers who want that extra fun factor, Ford will offer you a handbrake. Underwhelming, right? Not so much; this lever is an Electronic Drift Brake.

It’s a binary device to instigate drifts on demand. Pull it, and you’re sliding. Also, for the history fans out there, the new Ford Mustang has a Fox Body-inspired gauge cluster for your nostalgic enjoyment. Ford may have used the Fox-Body aesthetic to reconcile with the loss of the historic “double bubble” dash, but it’s cool nonetheless. 

The new Ford Mustang's interior includes a flat-bottom steering wheel and Sync 4..
The Mustang’s new flat-bottom steering wheel | Ford

Does the new Ford Mustang interior have Sync 4?

The outgoing S550 Ford Mustangs offered a Sync 3 system with Apple CarPlay. However, the newest generation of Ford Mustang takes it further with its Sync 4-endowed center stack. Sync 4, previously available in the Mach-E and Ford Edge, offers some of the latest infotainment that Ford fields. Specifically, Ford says the unit will include Apple CarPlay, Connected Navigation, and many more functions. 

How does it stack up against the old interior?

The previous interior featured a double bubble dash, reminiscent of the 1960s cars and some of the more recent generations, like the S197 and S550. That classic interior feature might be missed, but the new Ford Mustang makes up for it with lots of intuitive technology and a retro Fox Body-inspired gauge cluster. Better yet, customers who would rather slide their cars than drive them can get excited about Ford’s new Electronic Drift Brake. 

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