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The Ford Eluminator motor has been a massive topic of conversation during the SEMA show this month. The automaker put it into a new truck, dubbed the Ford F-100 Eluminator truck, but what else can drivers to the motor into? Ford released the new Eluminator motor will cost $3,900, which is relatively reasonable for all of its technology.

Drivers can put the Ford Eluminator motor into a lot of vehicles

Ford Eluminator Motor and F-100 Eluminator truck at SEMA 2021
The New Ford Eluminator Motor Costs $3,900; what else can it go in? | Amanda Cline, Motorbiscuit

Ford made the Eluminator motor versatile for a reason. The motor, the M-9000-MACH-E, can be used in modern cars, vintage cars, trucks, and SUVs. The $3,900 motor is currently sold out and on backorder, which is a good sign. If you are looking to electrify a vintage Ford vehicle, why not pick a Ford Pinto? The Pinto isn’t exactly known for its stylish exterior, which is all the more reason to do it.

The Ford Pinto got a bad reputation for the fuel system and all of the fires one might have to fight, but the Ford Eluminator would eliminate the issue! The Eluminator offers 281 hp and 317 lb-ft of torque, which would make this one speedy road bean.

Another option is a 1970s Lincoln Continental Mark V. What is essentially a limo without all of the room for passengers, the Lincoln Continental would be a weird and excellent choice. For the most part, these came with a 9.3L V8, which didn’t pump much power into the pseudo-limo. Why not electrify this old Ford and see what happens? It would be the most fun non-limo on the road.

Using the Ford Eluminator in a Ford Mustang or a Mazda Miata

The Ford Mustang Foxbody might be a good option for this swap or another classic year of the Mustang. According to The Drive, Ford plans to offer supporting parts for the motor “in due time.” The F-100 Eluminator Concept that Ford showed at SEMA was probably a bit more complicated. However, if Ford plans to release a more “turnkey” option for those who want to trade gasoline for electricity, waiting might be the best option.

It would be fun to see it in a Ford Thunderbird, and it would be unsettling to see it in something like a Chevy Camaro. Many drivers with old Ford trucks are probably interested in such an option. While some of these trucks might not have a lot of life left on the engine, a new electric motor would be quite an upgrade. Some people on YouTube have already started EV swapping Mazda Miata cars, which looks promising.

The major problem with the electric motor

If you buy the Ford Eluminator motor from Ford, it is missing some crucial elements. It does not come with a traction inverter, control system, or battery. This complicates the engine-to-motor swap a bit more and adds a lot to the cost. Since the motor has been newly released, there aren’t any reports on the actual process yet. The battery is going to present an issue for those looking to use the Eluminator right away.

Last time at SEMA, GM premiered the Connect & Cruise Powertrain System. This worked in conjunction with the electric crate motor, or eCrate. Unfortunately, GM has not been able to release the Connect & Cruise eCrate system successfully. Ford was able to jump out in front of the system, but does it have anything to do with the lack of included parts? Perhaps that was where GM ran into issues.

For now, the world anticipates seeing what enthusiasts do with the Ford Eluminator motor. The possibilities are endless but also very complicated. Good luck to those Eluminator swap pioneers.


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