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The Ford Bronco has seen more changes in the past three years than it has in the 20 before the newest generation. This current Bronco generation broke the car market. People love it. Since the Bronco name was reborn in 2021, it has already had an expansive run of variations. Ford has announced that even more variations are coming. Even with all the varied Bronco flavors, artists and dreamers are still coming up with new concepts, like the Bronco Van or the Baja Bronco. This render of a Bronco roadster is not only a goofy idea, but it’s simply horrible to behold. If Ford ever lost its mind and made something resembling a Ford Bronco Roadster, it would be unforgivable. 

Is Ford planning to make a Bronco Roadster? 

A rendering of a Ford Bronco roadster convertible
Ford Bronco roadster | AI generated rendering: MotorBiscuit

Thankfully, the renders of a Ford Bronco roadster by Oscar Vargas have nothing to do with Ford. But they did get us thinking and playing around with AI to bring you these unforgivable mashup images. As Ford Authority notes, years ago, cringey car designer Chip Foose also thought it was a good idea to make a Ford Bronco roadster. It was a travesty then, and remains so – but we couldn’t help ourselves.  

Here we are again. Renders of a Bronco roadster on Vargas’ Instagram post come with a robot at the wheel. This was a smart choice considering the idea of a human person driving this thing is hard to stomach. 

Despite the fact that the new Ford Bronco was designed to be a 4×4 off-roader, the render artist decided to make it a road-only convertible SUV sports truck thing. This nightmare shows the artist formerly known as Bronco slammed to the pavement, riding on what looks like 400” chrome rims. There is a more car-esque cloth-top convertible than the Bronco’s current style roof. The artist even added “5.0” badging, hinting at a performance V8. So, in this bizarro world, the 4×4 Ford Bronco is just an ugly Mustang? 

Are there new Ford Bronco models coming? 

Despite the chill that runs down the spine thinking about this thing, According to Ford Authority, the Oval is planning more Ford Bronco configurations and models. We’ve seen the performance trim Raptor, Everglades, and the Heritage, to name a few. The next trims slatted to debut are the Work, Premium, and Heritage + variants. We don’t know much about these trims yet. But something tells me they will be a bit less insane than the bizzaro roadster Bronco. 

With the new models coming, it’s nice to be reminded that a car model can have plenty of variations without needing to be anything and everything. This trend is gaining momentum in the car world. There are plenty of pickup trucks these days that are as fast or even faster than some sports cars. Why? There are dozens of family-hauling SUVs that were never made to go off-road, now getting off-road trim packages. Why? 

Ford has more sense than this Bronco mod

White Ford Bronco Roadster Convertible
Ford Bronco roadster | AI Generated rendering: MotorBiscuit

The idea that every car should do everything, for me, lowers the overall value of a car. Instead of an SUV that is really capable off-road or one that’s super efficient and comfortable on-road, you get a pile of sloppy, soggy SUVs that do nothing really well and do a bunch of stuff kind of OK, but that is ultimately unsatisfying. In fact, it’s hard to conjure up exactly what stuff this Ford Bronco mod would even do “OK.”

Even dreaming of a 4×4 off-road truck as a sports car is troubling. Hell, there have been plenty of horrible convertibles. The problem here is that renders like this give people funny ideas, and sometimes people act on those ideas. However, a bit of perspective is probably good. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. If someone out there wants a 5.0-liter V8 Bronco sports car instead of one of many other sports cars, that’s cool. As they say, whatever floats your boat, a boat that can also be a roadster and a lawn mower…