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The rollout of the all-new Ford Bronco has run into obstacles since the beginning. There have been supply chain issues with microchips, back-ordered heavy-duty modular front bumpers, and more. Some reservation holders of Ford’s reimagined Bronco have waited years to take delivery of their desirable rugged SUV. Some are still counting the days when they can finally enjoy their new Ford Bronco models. However, the latest delivery problems originate from nature itself.

Hail damage for customer-bound new Ford Bronco models in Nebraska

WOWT reported that a hard-hitting storm front caused severe damage across the Omaha metro area on June 7. The hail measured up to two inches in diameter. There was such a heavy downpour that it had to be shoveled off many roads to make them passable.

Along with drivers’ vehicles caught in the middle of the storm, the deluge battered an unspecified number of brand-new Broncos at the Omaha BNSF rail yard with impact damage. Unfortunately, according to Ford Authority, one Bronco owner-to-be learned of his trail-pounding SUV’s fate through an online forum.

Bad news for Badlands Bronco 

One of the red new Ford Bronco models  on a blue floor parked indoors in front of a purple background.
Ford Bronco | Getty Images

Manuel Flores reserved a Badlands edition Bronco in July 2020, per his remarks on the Bronco6G forum. Nearly two years later, in March 2022, he received a VIN. After subsequent emails confirming build dates and a delivery window during the second week of June 2022, Flores was overcome with a bad feeling when another member on the forum learned that the Omaha hailstorm resulted in a “total loss” for his Bronco and an untold number of others.

After Flores contacted Ford to learn the next steps in how the company would proceed, they responded by explaining the damage was “repairable,” but the “disclosable damage exceeds the limit identified in the ‘Warranty and Policy Manual,'” which is $1,000. When Flores’ damaged Bronco arrived at the dealership, Ford reportedly categorized it with an “F” definition via their “Rail and Haulaway Vehicle Handling Manual.” As a result, Flores was told that the Bronco couldn’t be sold new and would instead go to auction.

Bewildered Bronco buyer bested 

Ford told Flores there was nothing they could do and instructed him to reorder the vehicle through the dealership and request expedited delivery. However, the dealership said they didn’t know how to proceed and awaited guidance from the manufacturer. Thus, causing a back-and-forth drama that leaves Flores without his Badlands Bronco and widening the chasm of yet-to-be-fulfilled Bronco deliveries.  

Flores posted an “In-Transit Damage Acknowledgment” the dealership received stating that the Bronco sustained “a disclosable damage amount of $6,000 and a total repair cost of $7,500.” After several weeks, though, Ford has moved forward with repairing the damaged Broncos and will sell them as new, a complete reversal from its original stance.

Ford is struggling to maintain delivery pace 

With Ford moving toward a built-to-order sales model, problems with component availability are only worsened by unlucky weather circumstances. Although they’re rare, it doesn’t help with the 300,000 reserved Broncos Ford needs to push out to customers.

The issues don’t stop with the Bronco. Ford Authority explains that consumer demand far exceeded the manufacturer’s expectations. Therefore, the 2022 model year order will be pushed into next year.

How to get your new Ford Bronco models sooner 

It’s easy to click through all the options on to get the latest, greatest Bronco with all the bells and whistles. Yet, ambitious customer wish lists are part of the backlogs.

The Bronco Nation forum shows success for customers opting for the soft top Bronco over the Molded in Color (MIC) hard top to get their vehicles sooner. With the microchip shortage, trim levels like the Lux package may be too far out of reach as each additional tech feature requires more chips the company can’t receive.  

According to Town and Country TV, the Bronco Big Bend is the most accessible trim level right now. Regardless, opting for the lowest trim and capability packages will help you get your new Ford Bronco sooner, save for Mother Nature.


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