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EVs don’t make great large vehicles. Today’s bigger EVs, especially the 9,600-pound GMC Hummer, are heavy, hulking, and bulky. As EV size shrinks, the advantages of electrification grow. Add a low price to a smaller EV, and you have a recipe for high-volume sales. That’s why the new BYD Seagull garnered over 10,000 pre-orders in 24 hours. 

Is the BYD Seagull EV coming to the U.S.?

Front view of yellow 2024 BYD Seagull EV
2024 BYD Seagull EV | BYD

The Seagull will not be sold in America, but smaller EVs like it should. These aren’t vehicles to drive cross-country, so they’re not for traveling 500 miles daily. But why would you need a 9,600-pound Hummer or a 5,200-pound Lucid Air for short and medium jaunts? 

BYD has expanded its Ocean series with the Seagull. It also has the Dolphin hatchback and Seal midsize EV, but the Seagull is the cheapest of the three. Starting at $11,400, this new EV abounds with technology.

What is the power and range of the BYD Seagull?

Pink 2024 BYD Seagull EV rear 3/4 view
2024 BYD Seagull EV | BYD

The electric motor makes 74 hp and pairs with one of two battery packs. A 30-kWh version provides 190 miles of range, and a larger 38-kWh battery can go 251 miles. With fast charging, juicing the BYD Seagull to 80% takes under a half-hour. 

Sizewise, this EV fits between a subcompact and a city car. So it’s small by U.S. standards. But, again, it’s not for long ranges. Measuring 149 inches long, 67.5 inches wide, and 60.6 inches tall, this compact package can fit in places where Hummers can’t. 

How small is the Seagull EV?

Black 2024 BYD Seagull EV side view
2024 BYD Seagull EV | BYD

This five-door, four-seat hatchback features a lively exterior with a trendy floating roof. And from some angles, it also looks like it has a fin, in keeping with the sea theme of the three Ocean models. Without a person standing next to it for scale, the Seagull looks similar to a 2015 Scion iQ. However, the EV is almost two feet longer than the iQ.

Toyota sold over 15,000 iQs from 2011 to 2017, so it wasn’t a best-seller. But today is different. EVs are gaining traction, with over 1.5 million registered already in California. The BYD Seagull will likely be big in its native China.

Reuters analysts declare it could be that country’s most popular EV before the end of the year. It makes one wonder how well it would play in America. Would you buy a BYD if it were sold in the States? We’d like to hear from you. 


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