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Livewire – Harley-Davidson’s surprisingly cool electric motorcycle brand – has a new offering, and the electric motorcycle people seem to be digging it already. The inaugural Livewire bike hit the scene hard with an eye-popping $30,000 price tag. Now, Livewire’s second bike has dropped: the S2 Del Mar. This new bike has already sold through its first batch of reservations. 

What is the new Livewire S2 Del Mar? 

Not only did the LIvewire S2 Del Mar open for reservations, but it is also aiming to start at only $15,000 this time. The first limited run of bikes was capped at only 100 units. All 100 electric motorcycles sold out within 18 minutes. Either folks are hyped for the new bike, the lower price, or both. Let’s see what it is. 

Has Livewire finally released a new model?

Aside from the limited run, unique graphics, and paint, the launch model of the S2 Del Mar is really not much different than the production model. This new electric motorcycle introduces Livewire’s new scalable and modular ARROW architecture, where the battery, motor, charging, and control systems make up much of the actual chassis structure. 

According to New Atlas, Livewire is gunning for 80 hp and enough zip to tackle a 0-60-mph sprint in at least 3.5-seconds. Livewire has yet to give us any idea of what the top speed could be, but if it needs more than 100 miles of range, we won’t ever know. 

While these numbers seem pretty reasonable for a bike half of the price of the bigger first Livewire, don’t forget; that there is a big difference between these two electric motorcycles. For one, the bigger, older brother sports a 105-hp motor capable of busting a 0-60-mph sprint in only 3-seconds. Secondly, it has a total range of 146 miles. As cool as the original bike is, who wouldn’t want to spend half the money on a bike with a little less power and range?  

Is the new Livewire electric motorcycle big? 

S2 Del Mar electric motorcycle in profile in black and white. Harley-Davidson has come a long way
S2 Del Mar | Livewire

The first Livewire bike was a strange sort of hybrid naked bike. It’s not all that small but still has a more narrow frame to give it a sporty feel. A far departure from anything else Harley-Davidson has done in a long time. However, this S2 Del Mar is almost more like a scrambler-style bike. 

New Atlas describes a short tail, narrow seat pan, and short, tracer-style handlebars. This gives riders a more upright riding position. Between the narrow footprint and a curb weight of 440 lbs, this new Livewire bike seems a fairly manageable size for many riders. 

The standard production bikes get 19-inch wheels with Dunlop DT1 tires. But the first 100 Launch Edition bikes get a special set of cast-aluminum wheels featuring a “vaulted and tapered spoke design promotes lateral stiffness for enhanced handling performance,” says Livewire. 

Did the Launch Edition cost more? 

S2 Del Mar in blue parked in a city street
S2 Del Mar | Livewire

As with most special Launch Editions of new vehicles, the first 100 S2 Del Mars came at a premium, $17,699, to be exact. But remember, Livewire is shooting for a starting MSRP of $15,000. 

According to New Atlas, both bikes are built at Harley-Davidson’s Vehicle Operations facility in York, Pennsylvania, and shipping for all bikes is due to start in the Northern Hemisphere spring of 2023. 


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