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Have you heard of Project Maybach? No? How about Drake? You’ve heard of him. Well, in the new Drake music video for the song Sticky, Project Maybach makes a bit of a dramatic debut. The car itself is dramatic for sure, but more so is the fact that matte tan electric off-road concepts aren’t the typical fare we think of as rap video cars. But then again, Drake tends to keep fans on their toes like this. 

Who made the project Maybach concept?

The project Maybach made an apperance in a Drake music video
Project Maybach in a Drake music video | YouTube

According to CarBuzz, before his passing, fashion visionary Virgil Abloh worked closely with Mercedes-Benz on Project Maybach. Although it was officially unveiled last year, soon after Abloh’s death, its Drake music video appearance is its first real outing. 

In case there were any questions about the significance behind this car being in the video, lyrics from the song Sticky read, “Off-road Maybach, Pyrex trap, Virgil came back through the boy, damn….” While we never get to see the Project Maybach sling any mud, we do get a better look at its bizarre and stylish details.

What do we know about the Project Maybach concept?

First things first, this luxury off-roader makes Drake look tiny. I mean, seriously. How big is this thing? With Drake sitting on the door jamb (not even the seat), the Project Maybach looks like a monster truck. It’s no trick of the lens, and Drake isn’t tiny; the Maybach 4×4 measures 19 feet from toe to tip. 

The other detail that can’t really be overlooked is the monochromatic prosthetic-limb-beige interior. We see, only briefly, the smattering of crystals on the steering wheel and dash. 

Will Mercedes make the Project Maybach? 

Project Maybach steering wheel
Project Maybach steering wheel | Screenshot via YouTube

There is a better chance of Mercedes-Benz/Maybach getting into the cigarette business than there is of this concept car going into production. That said, I do believe that the super luxury Mercedes sub-brand might try to take aspects of the electric off-roader into future production cars. 

According to CaBuzz, Project Maybach flaunts solar panels to extend electric driving range. This feature could easily make its way to the future Maybach EQS we’ve already seen, also still in concept form. 

The fact that this car isn’t likely to see production doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value. When Abloh designed a unique Mercedes-Benz G-Class that also didn’t go to production, he justified his work by saying, “My ultimate goal in this project with Mercedes-Benz is inspiring young artists, engineers, designers to question the status quo, in addition to experimenting with my own design abilities.” 

Rappers touting extremely luxurious bespoke cars are nothing new. Drake’s affinity for Maybach isn’t special. However, Drake appears to enjoy his car collection quite a bit. While many of his cars aren’t exactly what you might find in a “gear head” garage, he clearly enjoys investing in rare and valuable luxury cars. 

Any chance Drake ends up with the Project Maybach? He might have to fight DJ Khalid for it. 


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