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When it comes to rugged dependability and versatility, few vehicles can match the iconic Toyota Tacoma. This beloved pickup truck has been a favorite among off-road enthusiasts and tradespeople alike for decades, thanks to its durable construction, powerful performance, and advanced technology. But with so many different models and trims to choose from, it can be difficult to know which Tacoma is the right one for you. Whether you’re looking for a basic workhorse or a fully loaded luxury model, the Tacoma has something to offer for everyone.

Rear angle view of black 2023 Toyota Tacoma midsize pickup truck
2023 Toyota Tacoma | Toyota

A Closer Look at the Toyota Tacoma’s unmatched success

According to General Motors Authority, the Toyota Tacoma, a trailblazer in the pickup segment, continues to dominate the market with an impressive 42% market share. In the year 2022 alone, it sold an astounding 237,323 units, cementing its position as a top dog in the midsize truck segment.

No other midsize truck has come close to challenging the Tacoma in terms of sales. Toyota has managed to keep the Tacoma relevant not by constantly adding features or updating its style, but rather by taking the long-term approach. Toyota knows that truck-owners just want a reliable and capable truck above all else.

The 2023 Chevy Colorado and 2023 GMC Canyon are the Tacoma’s rivals

The Tacoma faces fierce competition from the likes of the 2023 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon. The 2023 Colorado boasts a front-engined, longitudinal layout and is powered by a turbocharged 2.7-liter L3B I4 engine paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

However, the 2023 Colorado has a complete overhaul, featuring a brand new exterior and interior design, a heavily revised platform, an all-new powertrain lineup, and a host of advanced safety features such as adaptive cruise control and blind zone alert. Additionally, it also features a 10-speed automatic transmission, which might make it more sporty to drive.

As for the 2023 GMC Canyon, with its singular powertrain offering, it presents a formidable challenge to the reigning champion of the mainstream pickup segment, outfitted with the cutting-edge TriPower technology-enhanced turbocharged 211 rugged AT4 and the luxurious Denali.

Available in both Extended Cab and Crew Cab configurations, with the choice of a Long Box or Short Box, the GMC Canyon is a versatile and formidable rival to the Tacoma, poised to give the segment leader a run for its money.

Why the Toyota Tacoma continues to be highly regarded despite newer midsize trucks on the market

The Toyota Tacoma continues to be a top choice in the midsize truck market because of its reputation for reliability. Despite newer competitors entering the market, the Tacoma has stood the test of time and has proven to be a dependable vehicle for both personal and professional use.

Consumers appreciate its rugged design and advanced technology features, such as its advanced safety systems and comfortable interior. Additionally, the Tacoma has a strong resale value, making it a smart financial choice for those looking to purchase a truck. Overall, the Tacoma’s combination of performance, durability, and value make it a top pick for potential truck owners.

The Toyota Tacoma continues to be a highly regarded midsize truck on the market due to its reputation for being tough. Despite newer models entering the market, the Tacoma has retained a strong market share due to its strong brand image and production capacity.

The Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon are also strong competitors, but they have not been able to dethrone the Tacoma from its position as the leader in the mainstream pickup segment. Overall, the Tacoma is a great choice that is durable.


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