New Bronco Pushing Up Old Bronco Value: What Are They Worth?

All of the hype surrounding the new Ford Bronco is pushing up values of older Broncos like crazy. They’ve always been popular, but with the focus on an all-new version the likes of which we haven’t seen in decades, there is a bright spotlight on everything Bronco. As it became larger and less distinctive the uniqueness went away. Then for most, it evaporated. The occasional lifted 1960s Bronco with cutout wheel openings and flares would bring it back to mind. Then it would fade again. But now there’s a constant focus on the new Bronco that is pushing up old Bronco values. Let’s see what they’re worth.

Our friends at Hagerty have a laser focus on the collector car market. The Bronco has been a particularly interesting model they have charted. They base their findings on what they are insuring, auctions, collector car dealers, and private sales. Here’s what they have compiled.

Old Bronco popularity and who is collecting them?

The first-gen Broncos are the most popular, accounting for 63% of interest based on their quote activity. The second-most popular would be the 1992-1996 versions. Hagerty has found that interest in these is ramping up much faster than any other Bronco generation. Interest in all Broncos is evenly split between Millennials and Baby Boomers.

Almost 100% of the top 100 Bronco sales have been from the first generation. Modified Broncos are valued higher than stock ones. Nine of the top 10 highest paid prices were for first-gen Broncos. The highest price paid for a modified Bronco was $650,000. 

Old Bronco Values


First-Gen Ford Bronco
First-Gen Ford Bronco | Ford

The median value is $50,000, up 4% from last year. Most valuable is the 1973-77 Wagon 4×4 with a 302ci V8. Median value is $60,200. Wagons are worth around 8% more than the pickup or roadster. These two variants were only made between 1966-72. Surprisingly, the first year 1966 Broncos are not the most valuable.


1978 Ford Bronco | Ford

The median value is $37,450. That is an increase of 60% in the last year. Wow! The most valuable is the XLT wagon 4×4 with the 400ci 148 hp V8 engine. The highest trim level is the XLT which is worth about 9% more than the lower trims. This two-year only model was based on the full-size F150. 


1980 Ford Bronco | Ford
1980 Ford Bronco | Ford

The median value for these offshoots of the full-size F150 is $17,200. It has only increased slightly less than 2% in the last year. A 1985-86 Eddie Bauer trim and 351ci 210hp 4bbl engine has the highest value at $19,100. The Eddie Bauer trim raises the value of these Broncos by 5%.


1987 Ford Bronco | Getty

The median value is $17,000 which is 5% higher than last year. A 1991 Silver Anniversary edition is worth the most with a median value of $18,300. The new-highest trim is the Eddie Bauer edition which is worth about 4% more. 


The white Ford Bronco in the OJ Simpson police chase driving down an LA highway in traffic.
A white Ford Bronco, driven by Al Cowlings and carrying O.J. Simpson, is trailed by police cars as it travels on a southern California freeway on June 17, 1994, in Los Angeles. Cowlings and Simpson led authorities on a chase after Simpson was charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of his ex-wife and her friend. (AP Photo/Joseph Villarin)

Does The New Ford Bronco Hit The Right Amount of Nostalgia To Succeed?

The median value for these last of the Bronco models is $24,100. That is up 14% from last year. The most valuable from this series is the Eddie Bauer model with a 351ci 210hp V8 engine with a median value of $26,200. An XLT Sport model is worth slightly more than the Eddie Bauer or XLT trims.