The New My BMW App Updates Features for More Than 4 Million Android and Apple iOs Users

BMW may have made some headlines for an earlier emissions scandal, but it’s hitting the news once again, this time for a good reason. There’s a new version of the My BMW App available now and, with recent updates, it’s accessible for four million Android and Apple users.  Additionally, according to the BMW Group, you can utilize quite a few new functions on the new and improved My BMW App. What are they, and what will they do?

My BMW App updates for Android and Apple users

The My BMW App in use on a smartphone
The My BMW App | BMW Group

There were two major update sessions with the My BMW App. One rolled out in May 2021, and the rest came out in July 2021 after the BMW Connected App expired on the last day of June 2021. 

In May 2021, the update brought the newest map style that now includes predictive route planning. It gives real-time data on traffic conditions and shows users a comparison of fuel prices for nearby stations. You’ll also get personalized video service, which will deliver more info on the car’s service status without the customer being present. For example, it gives users data on tire or brake pad wear. 

Explore BMW is another feature added in the May update. This allows users to access How-To articles on features of the vehicle in addition to editorial content on anything BMW is offering. Unfortunately, this item isn’t available in the US, Canada, or China. 

In July 2021, BMW rolled out a new feature that allows visualization of the remote air conditioning function. Users can see scheduled functions for the ventilation, air conditioning, and heating systems all from the app. Should you require service, users can reserve a time for an appointment through the app, which will remind you when it’s getting near. 

My BMW App updates for EVs

The updates specific to electric vehicles will now give users all the information they will ever need to charge the vehicle. Users can see how much charge time is left and control any part of the process from the My BMW App itself. 

BMW also offers a point system now that you can access from your Android or Apple smartphones. This feature allows users to collect points whenever they charge their vehicle. To earn those points, you will have to charge it at least 20 times a month, and each charging session has to be at least 15 minutes long. 

Users can even collect points by driving their vehicles. You’ll earn them with each kilometer you drive on electric power and for every kilometer covered on electric power in an eDrive zone. Points are redeemed through the charging of the BMW vehicle. Your My BMW App will show you how many points you have and how many miles have been driven. 

What other plans has BMW revealed for its EV future?


Is Your BMW Eligible for Biggest Over-the-Air Upgrade Ever?

According to Autoweek, BMW is hard at work making its three-part strategy for a future line of vehicles become a reality. The plan, set for 2030, is to integrate a refined computerized system, high-performance electric powertrains with accompanying batteries, and sustainability for its vehicle’s life cycles. 

Its Operating System 8 software architecture, which BMW claims to be the most powerful, is being rolled out with the new iX model this year to compete against Tesla. If all goes well, you can be sure that it will quickly be implemented with many other cars in the BMW lineup. This will pave the way for over-the-air updates.

However, BMW is not only working on its line of EVs. It’s also dabbling into the electric scooter business as well. For 2022, it’s gearing up for releasing the BMW CE 04, which is essentially a spinoff of the 2014 C Evolution.

The My BMW App, which replaced the old BMW Connect App, promises to offer the most useful features you could ask for. Plus, it’s accessible for Android as well as Apple smartphone users.