New Airstream Camper Van Was Born To Be Wild

We all well know now that camper vans are in. Every manufacturer on earth seems to be trying to throw their hat in the ring. Although there are many newcomers to the camper industry, some of the iconic brands that created the segment are still here, and they are making some rad stuff. Airstream, among the most iconic icons, has just released a new adventure camper van that looks like exactly what the market is looking for. Meet the Airstream Interstate 24X.

The new Airstream Interstate 24X camper van parked in the woods
Airstream Insterstate 24X | Airstream

The Airstream Interstate 24X is a mobile adventure command center

COVID-19 certainly sparked the now adventure-mobile inferno. But since many people began working remotely, many aren’t trying to come back to a crowded office. This new sense of freedom has given many people the opportunity to take their day jobs on the road to spend more time doing what they actually want to do. 

With that, more people than ever before are buying campers and hitting the road. At the same time, people are buying campers to hit the trails. Because as camper vans have grown in popularity, so too has overlanding. The results of both growing automotive activities are more off-road capable campers that can roll on rougher trails and support the lifestyle of outdoors enthusiasts. 

The Airstream Interstate 24X supports all your outdoor activities

Airstream camper van driving down the road
Airstream Insterstate 24X | Airstream

While many makers aim for smaller and cheaper camper vans, Airstream is clearly staying in its lane here. The Airstream Interstate 24X is a massive camper van. As noted by Gear Patrol, many companies build camper vans based on the Mercedes Sprinter vans; the Airstream Insterstate 24X uses the biggest one Merc makes. 

As you may have guessed from the name, the 24X is a beefy 24-feet long. To be fair, the other Insterstate models use the same Sprinter van. However, what makes the 24X special is the way Airstream has decided to use that space. This van is made to support all your favorite outdoor activities like mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, fishing, hunting, and more. 

To get you where you need to go, the Airstream Interstate 24X has standard four-wheel-drive, all-terrain tires, a heavy-duty power system that packs twin 100-amp-hour deep cycle lithium batteries, a 2-kW power inverter, 400 watts of solar panels, and 360 degree off-road LED lights.

How much space is inside this extra-large camper van? 

Airstream camper van interior
Airstream Insterstate 24X interior | Airstream

Airstream makes good use of the 24-ft van. The main cabin area toward the rear of the van is lined with a pair of couches on either wall. As pointed out by gear patrol, these benches give the safari feel of an old Land Rover Defender. 

As you might imagine, the couches smartly fold flat to make a huge bed. The two benches connect to make a sleeping platform that is larger than any other Class B camper. The coolest part is that when you wake up, it all folds back as not to eat up too much space. You can even choose to only fold down one part of the benches to have more usable room. This allows campers to not have to make and unmake their beds every day. 

What else is inside this camper van? 

woman sleeping in the fold out bed of the Interstate 24X
Airstream Insterstate 24X interior | Airstream

The tall ceilings/roof allows for plenty of space to hang bikes vertically, helping to save room. There are also storage racks in the ceiling to hold long pieces of gear like fishing poles, oars, or anything else up to about 20-ft in length. 

The mid-section is home to a modest but well-equipped kitchenette as well as a cozy bathroom. The bathroom is small, but it’s a complete wet bath with a shower, sink, and toilet complete with an 11-gallon black water tank. 

How much does the Airstream Interstate 24X cost?

Airstream Camper van in white with lights
Airstream Insterstate 24X | Airstream

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As with all camper vans of this size and design, you won’t be getting the Airstream Interstate 24X cheaply. Orders are open now, although deliveries won’t start for another few weeks. If you are feeling the mondo Airstream camper van, you just have to fork over a starting price of $213,850.