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Acura continues to play social media mind games, dropping yet another barely visible teaser image of the 2023 Integra. This time, the photo is of the rear and confirms some suspicions we had about the new Acura Integra. Thankfully, that image tells us a lot more about the new ‘Teggy than the Japanese brand is willing to let on.

While we don’t have much beyond a “maybe” being turned into a “yes”, things are looking very promising for the new premium sport compact. Thanks to these images, we also have some idea of what the new 4-door will compete against.

The new Acura Integra will be a four door liftback

The rear 3/4 of a white 2022 Acura Integra
The new Acura Integra will be a 4-door liftback sedan | Acura

So, let’s talk about that “maybe” for a moment. In a recent MotorTrend interview, the publication asked Acura Brand Officer John Ideka whether or not the Acura Integra could have four doors. Unfortunately, all Ideka had to say was “maybe.” Of course, we now know that the new ‘Teggy will in fact have four doors.

Financially, this is perfectly reasonable. The first Integra was four doors, and Acura (as well as Honda), don’t have a smaller two-door platform on which to place the new sports compact. So, rather than make a totally new chassis just for this car, it’s much easier and cheaper to give it some added practicality and market appeal.

The new Integra could be a Kia Stinger fighter

A red Kia Stinger GT on a race track shot from the front 3/4 angle
The Integra’s potential engine and chassis place it firmly in Stinger territory | Andres Iglesias Rodriguez via Getty Images

However, that also places the new car in a very, very precarious spot. The excellent Honda Civic Type R is already a few pennies short of being a Kia Stinger competitor, but the new car’s premium pricing might mean that’s exactly where it ends up. It’s not a good place to be for a FWD-only car that’ll command Stinger money.

That said, the Civic Type R, which the Integra will likely be based on, is so good it could compete with the Stinger. That could mean we’ll finally have an answer to the FWD, RWD, AWD debate that’s been raging for the last, well, forever. All that aside, it also tells us a lot about the pricing of the Acura Integra.

How much will the 2023 Integra cost?

The headlight of the new Acura Integra shot close from the front 3/4 angle
The new Acura sport compact has some promising figures, including our estimated price | Acura

The MSRP for the Acura ILX, which the Integra will be replacing, starts right around $27,000. That places a hypothetical Acura Integra Type R at give or take $40,000. I’m highballing that estimate a little, but that does mean the new Integra can very easily be marketed as a FWD Kia Stinger fighter for less money.

For now, we’ll have to wait for more information as it comes. At the rate Acura is letting teasers out at, we’ll soon know exactly what the new Acura Integra looks like. Ideally, that means we should have some specs in our grubby little hands by the end of this year.


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