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An 8-seater EV might sound too good to be true – but soon it won’t be. Norway-based Fresco Motors plans to release an electric vehicle with incredible passenger capacity and an electric driving range of over 600 miles to boot. For now, the release is on a yet-to-be-announced date in the future. Interestingly enough, Fresco isn’t calling this vehicle a “car.” Instead, they’ve decided to refer to it as a “pod.”

Background on the automarker known as Fresco Motors

The Fresco XL all-electric long-range vehicle design concept from Fresco Motors
Fresco XL | Fresco Motors

Fresco Motors is a company that defies norms from every angle. It doesn’t call itself an auto manufacturer or car company. It considers itself to be a technology company that’s “focused on the development of new vehicles.”

Based on its profile on LinkedIn, it seems that Fresco is currently quite small-scale, with a total of fewer than 10 employees. However, the company recently announced a partnership with AKKA Technologies, a Chinese tech and engineering group. Fresco claims that this partnership will allow the company to develop its electric car concept more easily

All about the Fresco XL all-electric “pod”

According to CarBuzz, the Fresco XL “pod” will be fully electric with an electric motor powering every axle. The developing company claims that a motor on every axle will help drivers to better navigate rugged, harsh-weather climates. The all-wheel drive on the Fresco XL will even allow drivers to go off-road, should they choose. 

As we can see from this video rendering, this car is the futuristic vision that we all might have imagined to be whizzing across roads in the twenty-first century. The sloped, sleek front window appears to have a dark tint, possibly to combat the heat that could enter through the large glass panel. The back is boxy and upright, asserting itself confidently for long-haul road trips. The vehicle can also be used as a makeshift camper, with fully reclining seats, transforming into sleeping surfaces. Even larger families will find quick accommodations for their traveling lifestyles.

The range on the all-electric “pod” will be fantastic, clocking in at an astounding 625 miles on a single charge of the battery. This battery won’t be an ordinary EV battery by any stretch of the imagination. It will be an extra-large, double-stacked battery, with special technology outsourced from unnamed external parties. 

The Fresco XL could also be a boon to homeowners who struggle with intermittent power outages. This EV can be hooked up to a home as an external power supply, eliminating the need for a gasoline-powered generator. Of course, homeowners would need to ensure that the “pod” would be fully charged before any potential outages to ensure their lights could actually stay on. 

Combatting range anxiety with bigger and better EVs

The Fresco XL’s high-storage battery would definitely help to alleviate “range anxiety” – that unsettled feeling of fear in the stomachs of some EV drivers. No driver wants to get stuck or stranded en route. Unless a driver is very familiar with their route, it can be difficult to know where the next charging station might be. Driving an EV at our current point in time requires a mindset that’s open to planning and dedicated to the cause.

It remains unclear how long the pod’s battery might take to charge fully, but a long charging period might be worth it for an EV driver looking to avoid range anxiety. Having to stop to frequently charge a battery takes something of the zest and spontaneity away from a road trip. A busy professional might not have the time to invest in near-constant charging, especially when living some distance away from the closest charging station. The Fresco XL could potentially make commutes and vacations easier if it manages to deliver on its company’s promises.


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