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Lego has long been known for designing replicas of famous cars. Now the company has introduced a new set that Ferrari fans will fawn over. It’s a Lego replica of the Ferrari Daytona SP3. Learn more about the set and its supercar inspiration.

Check out the Lego Ferrari Daytona SP3 build set

Lego Ferrari Daytona SP3
Lego Ferrari Daytona SP3 beauty shots | The Lego group

Lego and Ferrari recently dropped the news that the toy maker has partnered with the Italian car manufacturer to produce a Ferrari Daytona SP3 build set. Together, the companies created a 1:8-scale version of the real-life Ferrari. 

Lego Ferrari Daytona SP3
Lego Ferrari Daytona SP3 (foreground) and the real deal | The Lego Group

Unlike what most of us think of when we envision Legos, this set isn’t for kids. (For kids at heart, maybe.) The new build set is part of the Lego Technic Ultimate Car Concept series, and it comes with a giant collection of 3,778 pieces. Though that number doesn’t compare with the more than 400,000 Lego bricks it took to build a life-size Land Cruiser replica, it’s still pretty impressive.

For anyone who’s ever wanted to own a Prancing Horse, the Lego Ferrari Daytona SP3 may be your best shot, unless you happen to be one of the few who can afford the real thing. The set retails for $399.99 on the Lego website.

Here’s the real-life inspiration for the Lego Ferrari Daytona SP3

Lego Ferrari Daytona SP3
Ferrari Daytona SP3 (top) and the Lego version | The Lego Group

Speaking of the real thing, what’s the deal with the Daytona SP3? Ferrari unveiled the limited-series model in November 2021. According to Car and Driver, it “has the iconic look of the sports-prototype racers that won the 1967 Daytona 24 Hours and features Ferrari’s equally iconic naturally aspirated mid-mounted 829-hp V12.” 

As one of its limited-run “Iconica” specials, the car is available only to Ferrari’s most elite (and wealthiest) customers. 

The Daytona SP3’s engine is based on the 6.5-liter unit fitted to the 812 Competizione. However, it’s been modified with the addition of a new induction and exhaust system. It also comes with internal upgrades, such as titanium con rods. In addition, a carbon treatment has been added to the piston pins, camshafts, and sliding finger valve followers to reduce friction. Less friction, of course, means more overall speed and power. 

The Ferrari Daytona SP3 may hark to the past for its inspiration, but Car and Driver declares its look totally modern, thanks to features such as its wraparound windshield and heavily defined wheel arches. 

Take a trip to the new Lego Ferrari Build & Race attraction at Legoland


Ferrari Owners and Fans Can Take $20,000 Driving Lessons

If you want to maximize your fun with Lego bricks and Ferrari cars, take a trip to Legoland California. The theme park’s new attraction, Lego Ferrari Build & Race, offers fun for the whole family. Start your visit by checking out a life-size Lego replica of the Ferrari F40. You can even get your photo taken in the amazing Lego car. Theme Park Insider reports that this Lego Ferrari is made of an astonishing 350,000 bricks. 

In addition to sitting behind the wheel of a life-sized Ferrari, you can also create a miniature Ferrari model using the Lego bricks provided. Once you’ve built your cars, you can enjoy putting them to the test on derby-style tracks. You can also scan your Lego cars digitally, choose tires and engines using a touchscreen, and race the digital versions of your vehicles on timed virtual laps. 

If all this sounds like fun, Legoland California awaits.