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Mercedes-Benz is rapidly moving to make all of its SUVs fully electric and the EQB is the brand’s biggest salvo yet into the new EV SUV marketplace. The luxury SUV will combine the brand’s new EQ series, or sub-brand’s, visual clues like a smooth blackout grille and LED lighting, with the traditional styling of Mercedes’s successful SUVs. The EV EQB is slightly larger than the new gas-powered 2023 Mercedes GLC SUV, but it doesn’t have that SUVs off-road goodies. Basically, the EQB is the all-electric version of the GLB SUV.

The new EQB is all-electric and part of the EQ brand

The new 2023 EQB Mercedes Benz is the brand's new all-electric SUV for the U.S.
2023 Mercedes EQB | Mercedes

Mercedes is transitioning to an all-electric lineup. It has already released the EQS 580 and EQS 450+  luxury sedans. It’s planning an EQG big SUV as well as an EQS SUV. The EQB, however, will be the least expensive EQ-branded vehicle yet from the EQ series. Some of the U.S. specs have been released, but not all yet. While the EQB in the U.S. will have either 288 horsepower or 225, the range has not been specified. Mercedes has said “a long-range version is also planned.”   

How much will Mercedes’s EQB cost in the U.S.?

Mercedes is launching the new 2023 EQB mid-sized SUV in the U.S.
Mercedes EQB all-electric SUV | Mercedes

It will soon be available in the U.S. in two versions, the EQB 300 4MATIC with 225 horsepower and the EQB 3504MATIC with 288 horsepower, and in two trim levels: Executive and Pinnacle. The EQB 400 4MATIC starts at $55,750 and the Pinnacle version starts t $58,300. The EQB 350 4MATIC starts at $59,300 in the Exclusive version and the Pinnacle starts at $60,350. There is a $1,050 destination charge. The base version starts at $54,500.

It is quite a bit more expensive than a regular Mercedes GLB gas-powered SUV that starts at about $39,000.

Is the Mercedes EQB a 7-seater?

The new 2023 Mercedes EQB SUV will have seven seats as an option.
Mercedes 2023 EQB SUV | Mercedes

The EQB will come as a five-seater SUV and a third row is optional. The way-back seats can be adjusted and can slide up to 5.5 inches, which enlarges the cargo area by 6.7 cubic feet. The SUVs also come with several options that include a keyless go and wireless charging. The Pinnacle, however, features a panoramic roof, a surround-view camera, and a Burmester surround sound system. The EQB is optioned much like its gas-powered sibling the Mercedes GLB.

The EQB has a new nav, new tech

interior of the new 2023 Mercedes EQB SUV
Interior of the 2023 Mercedes EQB SUV | Mercedes

Mercedes is becoming as much an automotive technology brand as an automaker and it’s using the new GLC and EQB to show off some of its latest tech and to preview future EQ SUVs in the U.S. The GLC has, for example, a “virtual hood” for driving off-road that shows you what’s ahead on the trail.  The standard navigation system in the new 2023 Mercedes EQB can calculate the fastest route to a destination and includes charging stops. But, it also takes into account topography, weather, and can reach to traffic and your driving style.

The charging system for the EQB takes into account the battery temperature so you are sure to get a full charge. It also can process payments through Mercedes’s me Charge system through the Electrify America charger network.


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