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The Ford SuperVan is a fantastic bit of automotive tradition that thankfully has managed to remain relevant even in the weird times. The original Ford SuperVan was born out of the popularity of Le Mans in the mid-’60s. In 1971 Ford wrapped a Ford Transit body around a Ford GT40 running gear. The result was fully and completely unfettered madness. Now it’s time to meet the newest iteration of the SuperVan – a 2,000-hp electric van with a real chip on its shoulder. 

Is there a new Ford SuperVan? 

Instead of cramming an overpowered running gear from a current Ford racing car, Ford Pro took the challenge as a way to look toward the future. Ford Pro – the company’s new commercial operations umbrella organization that includes commercial vehicles, telematics, and servicing – built a fully electric supercar shaped like a minivan. 

The nearly 2,000-hp (1,973 hp) SuperVan is far more competitive than the first SuperVan. Instead of a huge gas-powered engine, the new Ford SuperVan sports a 50-kWh battery and four electric motors. The output of these four motors is far greater than the original or any subsequent SuperVans. 

How many Ford SuperVans have been made? 

Ford SuperVan rear end
Ford SuperVan | Ford

This fourth SuperVan Ford has built. We discussed the first, having the GT40 running gear made 435 hp. The second Ford SuperVan over 10 years later, powered by Cosworth DFL in a Ford C100 Group C car chassis. This version could do a blistering 174 mph. 

According to MotorTrend, the third Ford SuperVan came correct in 1994 with a Cosworth-built Formula 1 engine. That powertrain still “only” made 641 hp. Fast forward nearly two decades and we get the seemingly alien-powered fourth-generation SuperVan. 

As MotorTrend wisely points out, just because this van has nearly three times the power of the previous version, the first three vans have a big following. The progression of the SuperVan is one of those rare, pure moments in the automotive world. This fun undertaking only serves to make car nerds smile – and marketing. 

How fast is the new Ford SuperVan? 

Ford SuperVan front end
Ford SuperVan | Ford

Although each iteration of the super-powered minivans, the goal was merely to make something that looked like a minivan behave like something that belonged on a racetrack. However, it wasn’t until this new van that Ford seemingly made something that is properly quick, not just quick “for a van.” 

Ford claims the new SuperVan can hit 62 mph in less than two seconds. This is impressive by any standard. But if you take into account that this van started life as the front-wheel-drive Transit Custom, it is downright unbelievable. However, there is barely anything left from the original van short of the general shape and floorplan. As you can clearly see, the body is positively covered in custom aero body panels. 

We can’t wait to see, hear, watch, and experience more having to do with this incredible super minivan.


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