Never Buy a Used Ford F-350 From These Model Years

Anyone who parks a Ford F-350 truck in their driveway is in need of a serious work truck. In fact, farmers, ranchers, and construction workers who need to tow heavy loads seek these one-ton vehicles. While F-350s are neither the smoothest ride nor are they ideal for city driving, the full-sized trucks are true workhorses.

Most Ford F-350s are good, solid vehicles, but some models are better than others. As you buy a used F-350, make sure you avoid the following model years altogether.

2006 Ford F-350

F-350 fans eagerly awaited the release of the 2006 model. Ford doesn’t make many of these super trucks, so there’s always a high demand when the new model hits the market. Everyone fully expected the 2006 model to be high-quality like previous models but to also be better.

This truck was poised to be one of the biggest sellers in the one-ton market. Unfortunately, the 2006 Ford F-350 failed to live up to early expectations. has had over 250 problems and defects reported on this model year.

The biggest problem consumers experienced with the 2006 F-350 was its tendency to break down. Most of these issues were linked to engine problems. It didn’t help that for whatever reason Ford didn’t use the same type of metal when building the EGR valve, and the vehicle had weak head studs.

Owners started noticing issues with the 2006 Ford F-350 shortly after they drove it home. Many reported that when their vehicle reached about 25,000 miles, they heard moaning and other strange noises coming from the power steering feature. At 50,000 miles, the vehicles started blowing head gaskets. There have also been many reports of severe problems with the electrical system and transmission.

All things considered, it’s in your best interest to avoid any 2006 Ford F-350s you encounter during your quest to find a used super-duty truck. Consumer Reports states that customer satisfaction with the 2006 F-350 is one out of five.

2011 Ford F-350

The 2011 F-350 is another vehicle Ford would like to erase from buyers’ memories. For some reason, the automaker did a slipshod job of checking the overall quality of the 2011 Ford F-350. As a result, the low-quality vehicle failed to impress anyone on the market. It’s a mistake they don’t want to make twice.

Irritated owners of the 2011 F-350 have reported 146 problems and defects to While there are a wide range of complaints, the most alarming involved blown fuel injectors, the EGR valve leaking coolant, brake problems,  and suspension problems.

One of the most interesting problems involved the steering stabilizer, which resulted in what many drivers referred to as the “Death Wobble,” an issue that began in 2011 and haunted Ford for a few years before it was finally corrected. There have been 14 recalls involving the 2011 Ford F-350. Despite the problems, this vehicle enjoys a Consumer Report customer satisfaction rating of five out of five.

A good used F-350

While there have been some F-350 duds, Ford has also made some really outstanding ones. If you want a model with a golden reputation, you should seek out a 2012 F-350, which many consider to be one of Ford’s best trucks.

Before purchasing a used truck, take some time to research the common repair issues and look for vehicles where these issues are already resolved.