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Ford trucks are among the most popular worldwide, and with good reason. They are generally a reliable and durable choice. However, there have been a few off years for the Ford F-150. If you’re in the market for a used pickup, there are three years you should avoid.

By the same token, three F-150s model years offer a redemptive value that Ford fans have come to expect. Let’s take a look at the particular specs that make each year notable.

Avoid these Ford F-150 model years


  • The window regulators were a major issue. Typical problems include plastic window clips breaking and causing the window to suddenly crash into the door. The startling noise creates a dangerous distraction for drivers.
  • Sudden spark plug ejection with the Triton 6L V8, 5.4L V8, and 6.8L V10 are specifically noted, but other models share a similar fate. Whether due to the cylinders’ aluminum heads, the four-thread design of the aluminum plugs, or over-tightening, the spark plugs are known for this problem.
  • Spark plugs also have a tendency to break off while being remove from the engine, leaving the piece lodged inside the cylinder.


  • The power window regulator failure continues to plague the 2005 Ford F-150 models.
  • A common problem reported with the 5.4L engine is a knocking sound, which is attributed to the cam phaser and bad cylinder heads.
  • Spark plug problems remain a central theme with engine concerns.


  • Commonly reported complaints regarding My Ford Touchscreen include abrupt screen failure and unresponsiveness. It fails to recognize smartphones, and the rear-view camera stops working when trucks reverse.
  • The passenger-side head gasket tends to leak.
  • The engine oil pan gasket also tends to leak.
  • It experiences a rough idle due to exhaust gas recirculation sensors that stick from an accumulation of carbon.
  • More problems with the spark plugs cause ignition coil failure, leading to misfire and inability to start.
  • Reports of the automatic transmission suddenly downshifting into second gear are common.

Reliable used Ford F-150 model years


  • Offers variety with both cab size and bed length. The new SuperCrew cab allows for rear-seat accommodations and four full-size doors. With the bed length options, the wheelbase will also vary between 120 and 157.4 inches.
  • The SuperCrew cab is outfitted like a luxury SUV and features a power-adjustable accelerator and brake pedals, leather interior, and rear-seat entertainment system.
  • Antilock brakes are standard on all models.
  • A new, more contemporary look is featured.
  • Improved fuel-efficient engines included with the 4.2L Essex V6, 4.6L Triton V8, 5.4L Triton V8, and the 5.4L Supercharged Triton V8. The engines are highly ranked for reliability and above-average performance.


  • New Super Duty style redesign includes a taller hood and beefier grille
  • The six-speed automatic transmission replaced the four-speed and has smooth shifting and quiet ride. The six-speed also improves low-speed acceleration, fuel efficiency, and drivability.
  • Improved overall handling thanks to the stiff frame and double-wishbone front suspension design
  • The 2009 features full-compartment airbags for increased safety.



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  • A more streamlined exterior redesign features a new look for the bumper, lights, and grille.
  • New safety features include Pre-Collision Assist and Pedestrian Detection.
  • The entire F-series lineup stepped up the fuel economy and shifting ease by incorporating a new 10-speed automatic transmission.
  • The Power Stroke diesel adds greater fuel efficiency and towing capability.

Even with its misses, Ford manages to come back strong with innovative changes that keep the F-150 at the top of truck-lovers’ wish lists.