Neuron EV Reveals Pickup In China

When last we wrote about Neuron, the Irvine, California/China company getting into the electric pickup business, it only had some slick renderings. Its website was a bit sparse about specifics. Plus, there was nothing in the way of prototypes or builds in progress to give it some substance. Now, however, it has revealed a couple of actual vehicles. 

Calling itself “The World’s First Electric Utility Vehicle Company” it is showing both the T.One electric pickup and the skateboard chassis that underpins it. There are also other vehicles in the works, including the TORQ semi-truck and an enclosed delivery vehicle. All of these would use the common skateboard or variations of it. 

Neuron prototypes were on display in China

Neuron EV Prototype | Neuron
Neuron EV Prototype | Neuron

The first showing of these vehicles just took place at the China International Import Expo in Shanghai, China. According to Autoblog, the company chose to debut its EVs in China because it is the largest market for electrified vehicles. Also, this is the world’s largest trade expo.

Neuron says it will have the T.One in production by 2021. That makes this the 10th company with a truck launching then. However, so many are coming forward that number will surely change. Those companies with pickups debuting in 2021 include Atlis, Bollinger, Ford, GM, Hercules, Rivian, Tesla, and Lordstown/Workhorse. 

Specifics about Neuron’s plans are still not revealed

Neuron EV T.One Pickup | Neuron
Neuron EV T.One Pickup | Neuron

Digging down to determine more specifics about the T.One we can’t say we come up with much of substance. When specifics such as speed and power are posed, Neuron says, “For us, vehicle performance is determined by usability. Why are vehicles engineered to go faster than the speed limit if our goal as a society is to reduce car accidents? Neuron’s product quality is measured by ease of use, comfort, reliability, safety, and sustainability.”

Since a lot of EV startups look to venture capital to jumpstart product development, funding is mentioned on its website. They say, ”We’re currently a privately held organization, but we’re aware that bringing our products to the market will require more major investments. We’re in the process of exploring options for our future.”

When asked about future products, Neutron says, “We envision streamlined manufacturing, sales, and distribution platforms for our products. Our plan is to continuously build upon the depth of our authenticity as we fulfill major needs in the electric vehicle market.”

Hydrogen propulsion may be part of Neuron’s technology

Neuron EV T.One Pickup | Neuron
Neuron EV T.One Pickup | Neuron

When you see images of the skateboard you’ll note the two tanks mounted on it. This would indicate propulsion might be coming from hydrogen. Power may be from a combination of both hydrogen and electricity. In all of Neuron’s information, it only mentions electric vehicles and no alternative propulsion.

If you look at the image of the interior you’ll see the T.One can be configured in different ways. A single driver’s seat is surrounded by three screens and controls. But, it can also be configured for two seats in front as a conventional pickup is.

The next plan is for Neuron to display both the pickup and semi next at the Hongqiao Import Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center in December.

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