Neiman Marcus’ Ford Mustang: The Gift For The Man With Everything

We’ve all got that one person who’s notoriously hard to shop for. You can only get them so many socks, books, or gift cards, and even so, you feel bad — but they’re just so hard to shop for. Presuming that you’re reasonably well-off (read: loaded), Neiman Marcus has just the idea for you.

Known as a purveyor of an assortment of high-end things, Neiman Marcus picks a whole slew of them over a broad pricing spectrum each year to showcase in an annual catalogue for the holiday season. Among the handbags and perfume, it includes a car — usually, a high-end super luxury vehicle that’s befitting of its well-to-do clientele. Like a Maserati Ghibli, for instance.

This year, the Christmas book is featuring a blue-collar icon — a standard for affordable oomph and a hero of American horsepower history: The Ford Mustang GT. Of course, it’s not one that you can pick up at your local dealer. It’s a special brand of unobtainium that only Neiman Marcus can provide.

You see, this special Mustang makes 700 horsepower, with help from a 2.3 liter supercharger stacked on the car’s existing 5.0 liter V8. It has a custom paint job, some subtlety re-worked sheet metal, and a custom exhaust setup.

Source: Neiman Marcus

You’ll have a choice in transmissions, as long as it’s a manual or a manual (the way it should be, we think). Neiman Marcus promises “unique chassis and suspension tuning,” though we’re still unsure as to what that means. Its rims have been upgraded to 20 inches, its brakes have swelled to six pistons, and the purchase of the car includes a two-day Ford Racing School course so you won’t crash the damn thing right off the lot.

Only 100 units will be made, so make that jump for your wallet — they’ll sell out. Neiman Marcus put the spotlight on a Chevrolet Camaro in 2011, so it’s no stranger to featuring American muscle. It was also limited to 100 units, and it sold out. In three minutes. Even though Neiman Marcus is asking $95,000 for this sweet ‘Stang, its buyers will probably be getting the better deal; the Camaro used a 6.2 liter V8 that made a stock 426 horsepower.

So have no fear, hard-to-shop-for-people, we’re sure your families managed to get their reservations in on time, and your 700 horsepower Mustang will be sitting in your driveway with a huge bow on the hood come Christmas morning. If they weren’t one of the lucky 100, than it looks like you’re stuck with socks and Jonathan Franzen’s latest novel, or Oprah’s favorite plush bathrobe. Sorry.