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The number of women buying pickup trucks grows every year. Ram has been courting female buyers for a decade. Today, nearly 1 in 5 Ram 1500 buyers are women. Ram boasts a higher percentage of female buyers than any other full-size pickup truck.

Do many women drive pickup trucks?

According to Automotive News, only 12.5% of 2010 full-size pickup trucks were bought by women. But by 2015, that number had climbed to 14.4%. Today, some brands sell nearly 1 in 5 pickup trucks to women.

Country singer Miranda Lambert poses for a picture in the cab of her Ram pickup truck.
Miranda Lambert in her Ram 1500 | Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Ram

The automotive industry experts at Hedges & Company research the buyers of each full-size pickup truck. The firm agrees that most pickup truck buyers are male, but adds that this varies by brand.

Only 15% of GMC Sierra buyers are women. The GMC Sierra is also less popular overall than the F-150, Silverado, and Ram 1500.

A slightly higher percentage of Ford and Silverado buyers are women. While the Ford F-150 outsells the Silverado, women buy the same market share of both models: 16%.

Even though Toyota assembles the Tundra in Texas, the total sales of this pickup lag behind all the truck brands headquartered in Detroit. But the Toyota Tundra does fairly well with female buyers. Seventeen percent of new Toyota Tundra buyers are women.

What truck do the most women drive?

Women buy 19% of new Ram 1500 pickup trucks. This makes it the most popular new full-size truck among female buyers. The Ram holds a comfortable 2% lead over its nearest rival, the Toyota Tundra.

Woman with a guitar leans against a Ram 1500 parked on a farm, in front of a tree.
Miranda Lambert in a Ram 1500 commercial | Stellantis

Women are not the only ones who prefer Ram trucks. Critics love the latest generation of the Ram 1500 as well. The 2019-present Ram 1500 won MotorTrend’s “Truck of the Year” award three years in a row. The 2022 Ram 1500 is actually the only full-size truck Consumer Reports recommends.

Why all the love for the Ram? Consumer Reports points out that the Ram 1500 offers a smoother ride and more responsive steering than its competitors. It also boasts the best fit and finish of any interior in the segment. At the same time, the Ram 1500 still offers a rumbling HEMI V8.

Does Ram trucks market to women?

One way Ram trucks markets to women is through its partnership with country singer Miranda Lambert.

A woman drives a Ram pickup truck.
Miranda Lambert in a Ram 1500 commercial | Stellantis

Automotive News reports that Ram trucks has built relationships with several country music stars to broaden its appeal. This includes Kellie Pickler and Miranda Lambert. In the past, the automaker and these artists have hosed the Ram Jam country music festival in Nashville.

Ram even gave a Laramie Longhorn to several country music artists. The artists drove their truck for a year, then auctioned it off for charity.

Marissa Hunter is director of U.S. brand advertising for Ram and FCA’s other companies. She told Automotive News why Ram chose Miranda Lambert as a brand ambassador:

“Miranda was perfect because she represents all of the females out there that are breaking stereotypes and doing things differently…She’s obviously confident. She’s empowered. She represents all of the things we celebrate from a brand perspective. She’s inspiring to young girls and women.”

Marissa Hunter, director of U.S. brand advertising for FCA

Ram hired GZ Entertainment Marketing to create a Ram commercial/music video with Miranda Lambert. The result was “Roots & Wings,” which peaked at #5 on iTunes’ hit chart. You can see the “Roots & Wings” in the video below:


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