NADA Has Taken the Stress Out of RV Shopping

You’ve done the research and are ready to go shopping for an RV. So the last thing you want to do is spend your day at a dealership when you could be cruising to a campground. Now there’s an easier way to purchase a camper, with NADA’s RV Buying Program.

Though shopping around is recommended when buying an RV, this program will ensure you get the best deal without the hassle and stress of talking to multiple dealerships and checking numerous websites. 

RV buying made easy

NADA’s RV Buying Program is a convenient way to purchase your next camper. The program is broken down into three simple steps. First, find your dream new or used motorhome. Second, you’ll see the best price before heading to the dealer and get any special offers. And third, you redeem your offers with certified dealers and save time and money with your next camper purchase. Buying an RV is a big investment, and though it shouldn’t be a snap decision, it doesn’t have to be a stressful process. 

You have many upfront decisions to make before starting your search, including buying new or used. There are pros and cons to each, so it’s important to do your research. Once you decide on the type of camper, you should make two lists, one for must-haves features/amenities and one for preferred features/amenities. Creating these lists will help you find the vehicle that checks all your boxes. Using NADA’s search to take advantage of its RV Buying Program will make finding that just-right camper simple. A travel trailer, motorhome, or other recreational vehicle is your home away from home, so the purchasing process should be similar to buying a house.

Benefits of NADA’s RV Buying Program

When buying directly from a dealership or marketplace, you might not get the best deal. Don’t regret purchasing a camper that’s too expensive. NADA’s RV Buying Program will ensure you’re getting the best price and savings. Besides the savings you’ll enjoy, it also offers several other benefits. 

Once you find the RV you want, it can be frustrating to spend your time waiting for the dealership to run through all the paperwork and prepare your camper for its journey home with you. NADA’s RV Buying Program takes that hassle out of shopping for and buying an RV. You’ll find the camper that fits your needs online and get an exclusive price and special offers. If the deal looks like a fair price, head to a Certified Dealer or Premium Certified Dealer to complete your purchase. 

The upfront pricing is what makes NADA’s RV Buying Program popular with many people. When you’re walking around camper dealerships or looking at their websites, the best price is not always listed on the campers. Therefore, you’re often roped into the salesman’s tactics to find out the price and then deal with negotiations to ensure you’re getting a fair price. Upfront pricing saves everyone time and stress. 

When purchasing a recreational vehicle from a Certified Dealer or Premium Certified Dealer participating in NADA’s RV Buying Program, you get exclusive offers that can make the deal more appealing. Once you complete your purchase, you should report it to the RV Buying Program within 30 days to claim bonus savings. These savings may include gift cards, vehicle deductible reimbursement benefits, parts, accessories, or service deals. 

Now get out there and get cruising

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Shopping for an RV can be stressful, but the goal of NADA’s RV Buying Program is for the process to be simple and transparent. You can ensure you’re getting a camper at a great deal. And that will give you peace of mind for a safe and enjoyable adventure in the outdoors. Now get out there and get cruising!