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Convertibles are summer cars, right? Not necessarily. During an especially brutal blizzard in New England, drivers noticed a Mazda Miata tearing down the highway. Even more surprising, the driver had chosen to drop the snow-conquring convertible’s roof.

A blizzard hammered Massachusetts

A snow-covered mountainside emerging through the fog of a blizzard.
Blizzard | Dave Hoefler via Unsplash

During the last weekend of February, 2022, a major blizzard pummeled New England. Some locations saw 8-10 inches of snow. The worst of the storm hit western Massachusetts during the day on Friday.

Huge snowflakes filled the air, reducing visibility and coating the ground. The road crew’s plow trucks could barely keep the streets clear. By mid-day the storm was so bad that snow covered the roads, collecting in huge drifts.

Occasional motorists with well-equipped cars or SUVs braved the roads. One such driver was cruising along Route 2, outside the town of Templeton, Massachusetts when they spotted an unforgettable sight.

Mazda Miata spotted during a snowstorm

A Mazda Miata roadster parked in a circle of tire tracks left in a snow-covered parking lot.
A Mazda Miata driving in the snow | Matthew Skwarczek, MotorBiscuit

On route 2 in Massachusettes, a Mazda Miata was blasting along the snow-covered highway with its roof down. Snow covered the Miata’s bumper and tail lights. As it drove through the powder collected on the highway, its tires threw up huge white plumes.

The rear-wheel-drive roadster was fishtailing back and forth a bit but keeping a good speed. Its driver had the windows up but, incredibly, the convertible roof down.

Another driver on the road could not help but capture the moment. They took out their phone and filmed the little Miata plowing through the deep snow. Then they sent the video to Boston’s WBZ CBS station.

The news team was quick to share the eye-catching video but not too impressed with the Miata driver. An anchorman said, “First of all, he’s definitely speeding. Right? Second of all, he’s clearly–OK–has some problems because he thinks he should have the top down.”

An anchorwoman added, “No one wants to be near this guy.” She also speculated that the Mazda Miata, “could be rear wheel drive.”

See the video and hear the news team’s reaction below:

Locals are used to this unique Miata driver

Snow-covered country road bordered by woods and a split-rail fence.
Snow-covered road | Annie Nyle via Unsplash

The WBZ CBS station also reposted the video of the Miata in the snowstorm to its Facebook page. The video received a whole range of responses from commenters.

On one hand, Adnan Omar exclaimed, “This guy is a true legend!” On the other hand, Geri Sampson scolded, “zero common sense & no regard to safety for themselves & others on the road! What a jerk off!!”

Zack Hyatt revealed, “Yea Miata people do this for the lols, if you crank the heat up in the foot well you’ll stay toasty…”

A local bartender and motorcyclist named Taylor Tower seemed to recognize the Miata driver. She had a unique point of view:

“This guy is a blast. Locals have seen him in all kinds of inclement weather, with the top down and the music blaring, just jamming out and having a good time 😎🎶 maybe we could all take notes and learn something from him”

Taylor Tower, Facebook

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