Mutant Crazy-Fast Nissan Juke/GT-R Is For Sale

The Juke-R was a mystical, mutant, mad mashup of a 2015 Nissan Juke and GT-R. Actually, it was more like a re-bodied GT-R since the majority of what is under the carbon fiber body is all GT-R. Yeah, even the body isn’t really Juke but a lighter facsimile of a Juke. Basically this is the Mother of All Jukes. These were commissioned by Nissan and built by Severn Valley Motorsports in the UK. A total of six of the original version were supposed to have been built. These were essentially shortened GT-R platforms with the GT-R Nismo’s 600 hp twin-turbocharged V6 and all-wheel drive with 481 lb-ft of torque. They’re crazy-fast and kinda expensive. Like $600,000 expensive. 

This particular Juke/GT-R has its power increased to an even 700 hp

Nissan Juke-R | James Edition-
Nissan Juke-R | Severn Motorsports

This particular Juke-R was breathed on by Severn and now produces 700 hp. The GT-R’s nickname has for years been Godzilla. We suppose the Juke-R could be called “Goofzilla” or “Gagzilla”? It’s like a punchline that makes you uncomfortable more than it makes you laugh out loud. 

The sad part was that Nissan never made them available in the US. Why did Nissan make them in the first place? There couldn’t have been a good reason, really. The proverbial answer to a question no one was asking. We’re just glad they did. 

A GT-R might handle slightly better, but is not nearly as much fun

Nissan Juke-R | James Edition-
Nissan Juke-R | James Edition

The other sad part is that rather than cutting up a GT-R to be longer and lower; all good things, it is instead shorter and taller. So, while it may act like a GT-R in some ways, tests showed it squirmed and pitched around in hard corners. But just a little. It’s still a handler, and with this much power, you should be able to power out of any turn. 

In case you were wondering, the Juke-Rs 0-62 time is a flat 3 seconds. Aerodynamics help along with mods like the larger intakes up front increasing airflow by 100% to the engine compartment. Front and rear wheel openings have been enlarged and incorporate wider flares. Most any sheetmetal that could be removed from the basic shell has been replicated in carbon fiber.

The Juke-Rs roll cage is for both protection and stiffening

Nissan Juke-R | James Edition-
Nissan Juke-R | James Edition-

A full roll cage was part of the package. This was done partially to protect and partially to stiffen. The Bridgestone 255/40/20 front and 285/35/20 rear tires help to stick it to the ground. Nitron shocks help dampen the suspension.  

Inside it’s another mashup of GT-R and Juke. Incredibly there is a Bose audio system included to try and make out above the R700’s custom exhaust. It’s all incredibly weird and wonderful. 

The first two Juke-Rs were totaled, and this is the last of six built

Nissan Juke-R | James Edition-
Nissan Juke-R | James Edition-

According to the seller, the first two Juke-Rs were totaled. Beyond that, the number produced varies depending on the source. Originally six of the first Juke-R and 17 of the 2.0 versions were to have been built. This one is the last of the first series. The numbers are so small and price so high that it doesn’t really matter.

The Juke-R is for sale in Germany from James Edition, with an asking price of around $730,000. A bit more than they sold for originally but to the right person, they’re probably a bargain.