Mustang Pickups? Bronco Coupes? Ford Rumored To Want Them Separate Brands

The 2021 Bronco is still the most anticipated new vehicle right now. And we already know Ford has sold out the first year’s production of the Mustang Mach-E SUV. If you’re a smart marketing type at Ford what does all of this mean? Rumors persist that it means Ford will spin-off both Bronco and Mustang into their own separate brands. Actually, it already has. As controversial as it was there is already a Mustang SUV. And there will be both two- and four-door Broncos along with a baby Bronco. With the success Ford is seeing from these moves it could only just be starting. Mustang pickups? Bronco coupes? Ford is rumored to want Mustang and Bronco as separate brands.

Some brands are so strong like Mustang and Bronco you instantly know what they are

1966 Ford Mustang Fastback
1966 Ford Mustang Fastback | Revology

Many vehicle brands these days don’t stand for anything. When you think about Buick or Chrysler what comes to mind? Not much, really. But some brands are so strong and iconic that you instantly know what they are and what they represent. Even vehicles that haven’t existed for decades can have that magic. 

You know what a Plymouth Barracuda is even though it’s been almost 50 years since the last one rolled out of Detroit. The same holds true for the Bronco, though its time in model limbo has not been like the ‘Cuda. Obviously, strong brands are priceless.

“We have to leverage what we’re good at”

Jay Leno 1968 Ford Bronco SEMA | Ford-00
Jay Leno 1968 Ford Bronco SEMA | Ford

Now Autoweek is reporting that Ford wants both Mustang and Bronco to be sub-brands. There would be several models within the brands overseen by the Ford Icons group. “We have to leverage what we’re good at,” a source said. “What are we good at? Mustangs and trucks. Mustang is a niche product with a great legacy. We need to expand on that legacy. More Broncos is a no-brainer.”

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Mustangs and Broncos for everyone! At least, that’s what it sounds like. Right now the plan is for Ford to reveal the larger Bronco first. A few months after this reveal the “baby Bronco” will drop. And rumors persist that the smaller Bronco will also be available as a unibody pickup called Maverick. 

Eventually,  there will be a multitude of Broncos. Two- and four-door versions, hybrid, all-electric, rear-wheel-drive, all-wheel-drive; get the picture? “Who knows what the timeframe is in this COVID atmosphere we’re in but yeah, we’re looking at more EVs, hybrids, sedans, crossovers, coupe EVs, convertible EVs, you name it,” the source says. “There’s probably going to be a fistfight over a pickup called Mustang, though.” But maybe not?

When Ford decided to call its first EV SUV a Mustang there were complaints but they evaporated

2020 Ford Mustang Mach E
2020 Ford Mustang Mach E | Ford

We thought the same when Ford decided to call its first EV SUV a Mustang. There were some complaints from stalwart fans but they evaporated after its production run was sold out. So if you’re Ford and your first electric SUV sold out its first-year production run and its platform is scalable what should you do next? 

That’s where Ford is at right now. It’s not wondering what to do but rather what can it sell as a Mustang or Bronco. Right now the answer seems to be just about anything.