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Ford is one of the last all-American automakers in the country, and while many folks love Ford vehicles, those vehicles have a few significant issues. One of the main issues that Ford has is the fact that Ford makes two of the least maligned vehicles on the market. Though the Mustang an Explorer get dinged often for being unreliable Ford cars, their individual scores show otherwise for 2022 models.

In a new report, Ford cars score near the bottom, but it beats Audi for reliability.

These are the 10 least reliable brands on the market right now

According to J.D. Power, the least reliable brands on the market right now have a few surprises and many familiar vehicles. All of the brands on this list have a variety of issues, and on top of that, the vehicles have had those issues for at least two model years.

J.D. Power ranks brands by problems per 100 cars, or PP100. The bottom 10 brands on the new survey of owners include:

  • Land Rover, with 273 PP100
  • Lincoln, with 259 PP100
  • Audi, with 252 PP100
  • Ford, with 249 PP100
  • Tesla, with 242 PP100
  • Mercedes-Benz, with 240 PP100
  • Jaguar, with 229 PP100
  • Chrysler, with 226 PP100
  • Volkswagen, with 216 PP100
  • Volvo, with 215 PP100

For comparison, the top-ranked brands, Lexus and Genesis, saw just 133 problems per 100 cars and 144 problems per 100 cars. The industry average is 186.

The 2022 Ford Mustang continues to have a poor reliability rating

2022 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Fastback Nite Pony Package
2022 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Fastback | The Ford Motor Company

Overall, the Ford Mustang beats the average at J.D. Power. The car earns a score of 88, or Great, at J.D. Power for quality and reliability. It’s no surprise that these fun-to-drive cars also scored a 90, or Great, in the driving experience category, too.

However, the current generation of Mustangs have a few reliability issues. The car has been suffering from reliability problems since the 2016 model year. The good news is that Ford is aware of these issues, and the automaker has fixed some of them over the years. However, that hasn’t stopped new ones from appearing.

For example, for the 2022 model year, Ford seems to have fixed the engine reliability issues that the 2018 Mustang suffered from. However, the 2022 Mustang now has reliability problems relating to its suspension, brakes, and in-car electronics. The 2018 Mustang did not have issues in those areas at the time. 

Still, Mustang shoppers don’t buy the model for its reliability. The Mustang continues to be a powerful muscle car, and that’s why it still has a great owner satisfaction score. 

The 2022 Ford Explorer is infamous for its reliability issues 


3 Things Consumer Reports Doesn’t Like About the 2022 Ford Explorer

It’s a different story for the Ford Explorer, which is simply infamous for its lack of reliability. While many malign the SUV for its many issues, owners report to J.D. Power that the Explorer is a reliable SUV and it scores 83, or great, for its quality and reliability. Owners also give the Explorer a great score of 83 for its driving experience.

But, over the years, the Explorer or “Exploder” has been dinged for quality issues. Once again, Ford is well-aware of these problems, and the automaker has been fixing them as they come to light.  At J.D. Power, the Explorer’s reliability has consistently improved since the current generation was released in 2020. It shares its platform with the Lincoln Aviator.