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The Kia Telluride has won many awards and is widely considered to be a top-tier family vehicle. However, nothing is truly perfect and there’s always room for improvement. Here are some factory options and aftermarket accessories that can take the Kia Telluride to the next level, especially for parents of young children.

Rear seat entertainment for the family

If you’ve ever taken a long trip with children under ten, you’ve likely experienced the chaos that can unfold without something to keep them occupied. Although it was not available when the vehicle launched, Kia now offers rear seat entertainment as an option on any trim level of the Telluride. If purchased in the build of a new vehicle, the cost is listed on Kia’s website as $1500. However, the system is also available from Kia dealers as an accessory.

Accessory prices can vary depending on the dealer and installation is typically extra. The system comes with two monitors, each with its own remote, as well as HDMI and USB ports. The monitors connect to the vehicle’s electrical system for power. Due to the interior panels removed during installation, we recommend professional installation by the Kia dealer.

Tablet holders are another affordable option

Thankfully, if you or your kids already have iPads or tablets, you can save money by using those devices. Kia’s tablet holders attach to the Telluride’s headrests and can be configured for landscape or portrait viewing. The clamps open to a maximum of 11″, providing lots of room for the most common device sizes.

As an added bonus, the kits even include 7″ and 11″ silicone cases and a trim-to-fit screen protector. They are available at Kia dealers or via the Kia Accessories website. Like the full rear entertainment system, pricing varies by dealer, but installation is much easier. It’s worth noting there are similar and cheaper options on Amazon, though many are not specifically made for the Telluride.

All-weather mats offer improved protection from spills

Kia Telluride with a WeatherTech FloorLiner installed in the second row
Kia Telluride with a WeatherTech FloorLiner installed in the second row | WeatherTech

Here’s Why the Kia Telluride Should Get a Hybrid Option

All-weather floor mats have been around for a while, and they are useful for most folks, but especially to parents of young kids. They provide impermeable protection from liquids and foods, which will inevitably end up on your floor with children. Carpeted floor mats may be more comfortable, but have you tried cleaning up apple sauce or ketchup on carpet? It’s definitely not easy, and often there’s a residue left behind.

With all-weather liners made from today’s advanced plastics, you can simply wipe away the offending substance and move on with your day. WeatherTech is an established leader in all-weather mats, and they are worth considering. An advantage of their FloorLiner product is that it covers the center of the floor, in addition to the footwells.

Three-row unibody SUVs like the Kia Telluride have become popular alternatives to minivans. By adding a few key upgrades from the Kia accessory catalog or the aftermarket, you can protect your investment and hopefully make family trips a little more peaceful as well.