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Rivian has been an innovative force in the electric vehicle industry since it introduced its first all-electric pickup truck and SUV in 2020. Despite some production hiccups along the way, Rivian continues to advance in the EV market. Recently, the company released a software update that promises to boost the range of its vehicles. If you’re a Rivian model owner, let’s see what this new software update can do for you. 

How much range will each EV gain? 

The Rivian logo on a smartphone symbolizing a software update by the automaker company
The Rivian logo on a smartphone | Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

According to Inside EVs, “Although Rivian did not disclose what amount of its 135 kWh battery is now usable, previously the figure was 128.9 kWh. With regard to how much range has risen, owners on Twitter are posting their findings.” After the software update, one R1T owner reported a 14-mile increase in range at 85%, a 16.4-mile rise overall. Other owners have reported similar figures. 

The brand only offers one battery pack at this time. However, if you’re in the market for one of these models, a more affordable 105 kWh battery will be available within the next few months. You can find it on Rivian’s website, as is a 180 kWh “Max Pack.” This battery offers over 400 miles per charge. Keep in mind, though, the Max Pack will cost buyers about $8,000 over the 135 kWh Large Pack that is available now.                   

What Rivian models will receive this update? 

The good news is that both the Rivian R1T and R1S will receive this software update, regardless of battery size or model year. If you purchased one of these vehicles before April 1, 2021, you should be eligible for this upgrade. Additionally, all future models shipped out from Rivian’s factory will also include this software update.

Which features will be affected?                    

The main feature that this software update will impact is the driving range, but some other elements have also been upgraded or improved upon. The most notable changes include improvements to powertrain performance, suspension tuning, and automatic climate control system efficiency. After installing this upgrade, some users may also notice improved response times from their infotainment systems.  

Plans for the future of Rivian

Rivian isn’t just focused on creating stylish vehicles. The company also wants to create a sustainable future for automotive transportation. To this end, the automaker has plans to expand its lineup of EVs, invest in renewable energy sources, and partner with other companies to develop self-driving delivery systems. 

What Rivian drivers should expect

For those who own any version of the Rivian R1T or R1S electric vehicles built before April 1, 2021, it’s time to consider upgrading your vehicles with this new software update. It will give you an extra boost in driving range (up to 20 miles), and it also comes with several other improvements, such as powertrain performance upgrades and more efficient climate control systems. 

Upgrading your car’s software is easy and completely free—so why not take advantage of these great benefits?

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