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As the consequences of hydrocarbons became increasingly recognized, the automotive industry underwent a transformation, and electric vehicles (EVs) grew in popularity. The transition from gas-powered automobiles to these green EV versions has started among automakers. As a result, many companies, like Albertsons, are becoming more open to the idea of the electrification of the automotive industry by offering their clients and employees charging stations.

Different charging fees may apply depending on the electric vehicle model you own. Each electric vehicle model uses electricity at a different rate and in varied amounts. With Albertsons joining the ranks of shops offering charging stations, vehicle owners are interested in how much it will cost to charge their EVs at an Albertsons store parking lot.

An overview of EV charging levels 

For maximum effectiveness, electric vehicles require frequent recharging. Nevertheless, based on the quantity of charge you’re using, charging your EV could take anything from 30 minutes to almost half a day. The three EV charging levels are broken down by NeoCharge, with each level differing from the previous one.

At Level 1, the EV is charged at a voltage of 120 volts, which is the slowest level. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) only need 5–6 hours to reach full charge, as opposed to the minimum of 30 hours required for electric cars at this level.

Compared to Level 1, your electric car charges more quickly at Level 2. Many commercial establishments can be equipped with Level 2 chargers, and homeowners can also install them. It can take 4 to 10 hours to fully charge an EV at 208V in many business settings and up to 240V in homes at Level 2.

EVTown states that Level 3 charging, sometimes called DC fast charging, charges your EV quickly at 480V and can reach up to 80% in under an hour. There are no Level 3 charging facilities outside of enterprises and commercial areas. Additionally, Tesla Superchargers are a type of Level 3 charging for electric cars that can get your Tesla Model S halfway charged in under 20 minutes.

How much does it cost to charge an EV at Albertsons?

An Albertsons supermarket entrance and parking lot, found on Broadway Avenue in Boise, Idaho
An Albertsons supermarket | Sarah A. Miller/Idaho Statesman/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Businesses and organizations with EV charging stations, like Albertsons, are often in charge of determining their fees. Most charging stations have prices ranging from $10 to $30, but Albertsons hasn’t mentioned its yet. According to RetailWire, Albertsons, in partnership with Electrify America, has reportedly accepted the notion of having EV charging stations as part of an initiative to introduce DC fast charging stations

EV drivers that sign up with organizations like Electrify America enjoy fantastic savings while charging their electric vehicles. You can even charge your electric vehicle for free at an Albertsons charging station for 5 minutes with ChargePoint. This implies that you never have to be concerned if you get trapped on the way home. If you frequently use your EV, signing up for these applications might net you significant savings.

Does your local Albertsons have a charging station?

Albertsons has increased its market share by including electric car charging stations in its retail locations. The Volta and Albertsons agreement aims to increase the number of SCE commercials promoting the advantages of driving electric vehicles.

Numerous smartphone applications, such as PlugShare, have made it possible to find out whether the Albertsons store closest to you has charging stations. These apps include live maps showing you where to locate charging stations to plug in your electric vehicle. You can check if your nearby Albertsons has an EV charging station by simply searching the Albertsons location in the app of your choice.

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