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The Volkswagen e-Golf gave the automaker’s market a cleaner option than gas cars. However, it came with its positives and negatives. For instance, while you save on fuel costs, it isn’t an everyday car. Still, its newfound reliability and practicality enticed buyers and served as a foundation for the new Volkswagen all-electric ID. lineup. So, how much does it cost to change the battery pack in a Volkswagen e-Golf?

The concern people have about EVs

There’s been a huge increase in hype regarding electric cars in recent years, and while the attitude toward them has been positive, adoption has been slow. Some people don’t believe an electric vehicle can replace a gas car, while others don’t trust EV technology. Some are just against the entire movement due to its price tag.

Gas prices have continued to soar, and there have been numerous climate change reports. As such, several automakers have begun looking for a way to create environmentally friendly and sustainable cars. Major car manufacturers like Ford have created electric versions of their popular models, while many states have introduced EV rebates.

However, even with all these incentives in place, most of the population isn’t entirely sold on EVs, with only 1% of car sales in the U.S. being electric, according to Get Jerry. For starters, EVs don’t come cheap and even those considered to have a reasonable price tag are still way over the industry average for gas cars.

According to Kelley Blue Book, the average EV costs more than $56,000, which is almost $10,000 more than their gas counterparts which cost roughly $46,000. Additionally, consumers don’t think EVs can go the distance, and most are concerned about charging logistics and battery issues. With the calendar aging factor, changing out a battery pack can prove to be a very costly endeavor.

What is the cost of changing the battery pack in the Volkswagen E-Golf?

A Volkswagen e-Golf plugged in and charging its battery pack in Kigali, Rwanda
A Volkswagen e-Golf charging | CYRIL NDEGEYA/AFP via Getty Images

The size and complexity of EV batteries result in higher replacement costs. When you buy an EV, chances are you have at least eight years of use before you may have to replace the battery. If you have a VW e-Golf or plan on buying it, you should know that replacing its battery comes at a high price.

In 2021, Recurrent Auto noted that replacing a 2017 or 2018 Volkswagen e-Golf cost an astonishing $23,442.91. However, before getting a battery change, check your warranty as it may cover battery replacement if wear happens within eight years of purchase. It’s also important to understand that you may not have to replace the whole battery but recondition it or replace the faulty cells.

You can take steps to prevent your battery from needing a replacement soon. Don’t overcharge the battery or allow it to drop too low. The good news is that the battery prices have been declining in recent years, and within a decade or so, we won’t have to pay hefty sums to get a new battery.

Is buying a Volkswagen e-Golf worth it?

The e-Golf was Volkswagen’s first all-electric offering when it debuted in 2015. The vehicle did well due to its affordability and the fact that it looked like a standard vehicle. However, its limited production might have brought it to its knees.

The vehicle’s electric motor produced 115 horsepower and 119 lb-ft of torque powered by a 24.2-kWh battery pack. The car’s acceleration from 0 to 60mph was 9.6 seconds, and you could get about 80 miles on a full charge in 2015. However, the number increased to 125 miles on a 35.8-kWh in the 2017 model.

Volkswagen discontinued the e-Golf for the 2020 model year in favor of the ID.3, but there are available 2019 models. Still, a Volkswagen e-Golf is a better fit if it’s a used car.


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