Move Over Porsche 911 Safari, Godzilla 2.0 Is Here

When it comes to supercars, we would say that the Nissan GT-R is pretty special. Yes, we are fully aware that it’s been out for over a decade and has increased in price more than horsepower, however, it’s still an amazing car. It can do 0 to 60 in less than three seconds and tear up just about any track you put it on. But for those who think the Nissan GT-R is getting a little stale, then we would say that the “Godzilla 2.0,” an off-road version of the venerable supercar, could be a better way to go.

The Godzilla 2.0 is like the Safari 911, but bigger and meaner

Godzilla 2.0
Godzilla 2.0 | Classic Youngtimers Consultancy

If you have never heard of the Safari 911, then let us introduce you to it first. The Safari 911 is a limited-production 911 that’s built by the Keen Project, which is headed by Leh Keen. Keen himself is a professional racecar driver and Porsche enthusiast that took some time to build 15 examples of Keen Project Porsche 911.

To sum things, up he takes a “G-Body” 911 (1979-89) and drops in a 3.2-liter Carrera engine along with a complete rework inside and out to make the car look practically brand new. Just about everything under the hood is freshened up including a new lightweight flywheel and clutch assembly, a lightweight header, a reworked exhaust system with a Dansk vintage-style muffler, and a Wavetrac limited-slip differential. Aside from a masterful paintjob and complete revamp of the interior, the 911 is also given a four-inch lift via an Elephant Racing Safari Suspension and 16-inch wheels. Each one is built differently, however, Matt Farah’s Safari 911 is probably one of best examples out there.

The Godzilla 2.0, on the other hand, which is currently for sale in Holland by the Classic Youngtimers Consultancy, follows the same path.

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Godzilla 2.0
Godzilla 2.0 | Classic Youngtimers Consultancy

What so special about Godzilla 2.0?

According to the consultancy group, this custom-made GT-R is a “proper road-going sports car with serious ambitions to deliver on unpaved paths,” and judging the list of modifications, that statement is no joke. For starters, this road-warrior GT-R has a modified suspension that gives it four inches of ground clearance and it rolls on a set of Toyo Proxes ST III tires, which are typically meant for SUVs and other off-road type vehicles. The meaty tires are wrapped around a set of stock 20-inch wheels underneath black, flared-out fenders. Complementing the off-road look is a roof rack with a spare tire and an LED light bar, along with a black and white camouflage wrap.

Under the hood, the team reworked the turbo 3.8-liter straight-six engine to make go from producing 485 horsepower to over 600. Unfortunately, the exact specs weren’t listed, however, they do claim that it can go from 0 to 60 in around 2.5 seconds, which is a little quicker than the current GT-R in stock form. So it’s safe to say that they probably didn’t skimp on the engine modifications.

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You can own this car for a relatively affordable price

The Classic Youngtimers Consultancy Group currently has this Nissan GT-R, billed the “Godzilla 2.0,” for sale in Holland for an affordable price of $107,000. We say “affordable” because when you factor in the average price of a used GT-R, which could be anywhere from $60,000 to $90,000 on the current market, plus all of the modifications, it could actually end up costing more than their asking price. So it might not be affordable for everyone, but we can all dream, right?