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Fans of off-road adventures are buzzing about the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, but not everyone believes that Toyota’s small, off-roading pickup is the greatest thing since apple pie. The truck has some detractors. MotorTrend recently revealed its least favorite part of the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro .

The appeal of the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

Tacoma isn’t just Toyota’s best-selling pickup truck; it’s actually one of the automaker’s best-selling vehicles overall. So, it makes sense that when Toyota tapped into the off-road market they decided to tweak the Tacoma.

The result was the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, which features all the things drivers love about Tacoma pickups, plus a few extras that make it great for off-roading. Models made in 2017 include these features:

  • Crawl Control (only found in TRDs with automatic transmissions)
  • Active Traction (only found in TRDs with manual transmissions)
  • Hill Start Assist Control
  • An electronic rear locker
  • 5-Mode multi-terrain select system

The vehicle was so popular and well-made that the 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro was awarded’s Off Road 4X4 of the Year award.

Toyota introduces the Tacoma TRD Pro at the Chicago Auto Show
Toyota introduces the Tacoma TRD Pro at the Chicago Auto Show | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Toyota is always looking for ways to improve their vehicles, so it’s no surprise that the 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro has features you won’t find on earlier models, which include:

  • A noticeably quieter and smoother ride
  • Thicker side glass
  • Better drivability

Most drivers who live for off-road adventures love the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro. It’s a tough little truck with a can-do attitude and an affordable price tag. MotorTrend agrees that the TRD Pro is a nice truck that can tackle off-road challenges. But there is one feature they weren’t fans of.

What does MotorTrend dislike about the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro?

MotorTrend tested out the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro’s off-road capabilities while they cruised the Mojave Desert. Overall, they were impressed with how the vehicle responded to challenges and felt that it was a fun, reliable off-road vehicle. There were a few things they weren’t thrilled about.

First was the forward step on the passenger side. Drivers can add this feature to the truck for an additional $649. During the desert drive, the MotorTrend driver noted that not only did the steps strike the ground as the driver navigated rocky terrain, but one of the steps was actually dented in the process. They recommend that drivers ignore this option.

What really bugged the MotorTrend reviewer was the interior. It felt dated and not in a trendy, retro kind of way. It’s time for Toyota to overhaul the interior so that it’s as modern as the exterior. This would include an updated infotainment system, additional leg and head room, and seats that fold up rather than slide forward. 

The good news is that it sounds like some changes are coming to the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro in 2020. Expected interior changes include:

  • A power driver’s seat
  • An upgraded eight-inch multimedia touch-screen with Android Auto, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple CarPlay
  • JBL premium sound

Are you planning on driving a Toyota Tacoma TDR Pro the next time you go off-roading?