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Just look at this beast. The marvelous motorhome here is the 1974 Camelot Cruiser. This thing is so large it has a basement garage housing two snowmobiles. And this huge motorhome could be yours if you’re the highest bidder.

The Elder & Company Camelot Cruiser motorhome is one of only three built

1974 Camelot Cruiser basement with two vintage snowmobiles
1974 Camelot Cruiser | Worldwide

Produced by Elder & Company in Skokie, Illinois, it is one of only three to ever be built. It boasts such necessities as a gourmet kitchen with linens, dishes, and utensils to make a four-course dinner. Says Elder, “I can’t imagine something worse than selling a $150,000 RV to someone and having their first night ruined because they don’t have a can opener.” Indeed!

The living room is the size of what one would find in a house, and the same goes for the bedroom. It features a double bed. A fully appointed bathroom is adjacent to the bedroom. A private sitting room is next to the bathroom. Faux stonework is also part of this package throughout. 

The Ford C-750 cab-over is the business end of this motorhome

1974 Camelot Cruiser C-750 cab interior
1974 Camelot Cruiser | Worldwide

A C-750 Ford cab-over truck does the hauling comfortably. A 5.8-liter 352 ci gas engine backed by a four-speed automatic powers the Cruiser. Though a diesel engine is more like what you would expect, the owner says this rig is very reliable. 

The cab-over has “undeniable reliability and exceptionally long service life. You could hardly pick a more reliable classic midsize truck” for hauling your gigantic Camelot Cruiser. And it is so original the paint is even what came from the factory. 

This is larger than any commercial motorhome of the time

1974 Camelot Cruiser bedroom
1974 Camelot Cruiser | Worldwide

Be forewarned; this is a big sucker. Dimensions are 12-feet in height, eight feet wide, and it weighs 40,000 lbs. The wheelbase comes out to 55-feet. It’s so long there is an intercom for those in the living quarters to communicate with the driver. 

This example also comes with the original furnishings, which are all the size of furnishings for houses. It includes matching chairs and tables. Nothing from this period was as luxurious for the traveler as the Camelot Cruiser. 

You could also order two variations of the Camelot Cruiser if the snowmobiles don’t fit your traveling needs. One could house a boat and another could haul your horses. In style. But in reality, each one built was customized for its owner. 

Elder & Company even provided four porterhouse steaks for your first night on the road

1974 Camelot Cruiser cooking utensils and plates
1974 Camelot Cruiser | Worldwide

To ensure a perfect first night Elder supplied four porterhouse steaks and the seasonings needed to cook up your first meal on the road. All of the funky fixtures, countertops, and details are as they left the Elder factory in 1974. Which means those icky avocado greens and Bahama yellows. 

The current owner is even including a poker and gambling set to attract some of the other trailer park visitors. Sales materials and other ephemera are also included with this Worldwide Auctioneers offering. What are you waiting for?


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