Motorcycle Camper Trailer RVs Are a Thing

Mention the term RV, and people often think of a pop-up camper, travel trailer, fifth-wheel, or motorhome. Most of those have one thing in common. All the RV units, but the motorhome, have to be towed. So, often people have, or borrow, a vehicle of some sort to do the pulling duties. But, did you know that a camper that can be towed by a motorcycle is a thing?

A smaller, lightweight RV

A white Easy Rider motorcycle camper RV trailer for motorcycles
The Easy Rider Camper trailer for motorcycles | Easy Rider Camper

Okay, let’s be honest. Suppose a camper is going to be towed by a motorcycle. In that case, that camper must be a bit smaller so as to not overwhelm the motorcycle, right? Yes, that is true. Most motorcycle RV campers are lightweight and smaller units. But, the end result is the same. That is, the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while bringing with you a temporary mobile dwelling or headquarters. 

Motorcycle preparations are similar to a car

Let’s not be blind though. Some legwork needs to be done before slapping a camper onto your motorcycle, much like any preparations for any towing vehicle. You must first determine your motorcycle’s towing capacity. Can it handle the camper you are considering to bring with you on your adventure? Also, according to RVShare writer, Jamie Cattanach, pulling a camper with a motorcycle is not a matter of a quick attachment. 

“Even if your bike has the towing capacity, you’ll also need to ensure it’s outfitted with a hitch and rear light wiring, so your brake lights shine through the motorcycle camper trailer with you use them. Fortunately, capable bikes can be outfitted with this kind of equipment, generally for about $500 or less.”

A white Time Out motorcycle camper RV trailer
Time Out motorcycle camper RV trailer | Time Out Trailers, Inc.

Advantages of a motorcycle RV camper

Small, lightweight maneuverability is one of the advantages of a motorcycle camper. This is great for accessing the average gas station parking lot or for boondocking at a site. Another advantage is that all the camping gear does not have to be stored in the saddlebags of the motorcycle, nor does it have to be carried in a backpack full-time. The campers geared for motorcycles are also, generally speaking, more affordable than a traditional pop-up or clamshell camper.

Disadvantages of a motorcycle RV camper

Motorcycle campers are often more spartan that traditional pop-up or clamshell campers. They are created to offer the basic need of a protected shelter. So, do not look for them to be equipped with bathrooms and kitchens. At its core, this type of RV is a place for a bed and maybe a pull-out for a two-burner stove. But, then again, if you have enough money, you can have them outfitted any way you desire. Also, keep in mind that these units also will slow a motorcycle down.

Pricing of a motorcycle camper RV


You Need to Do This Before Storing Your RV

As you can imagine, there are many manufacturers out there producing motorcycle campers. So, pricing will vary wildly with materials and types of camper trailers. However, a good starting point is to bank at least $2,000 for the bare minimum new trailer. Then they go up in size, the available features, and price to easily over $10,000. 

Motorcycle camper trailers permit people who travel on two-wheels to be able to enjoy themselves in the great outdoors. These types of RVs are a nice luxury that will bring people closer to nature, and yet still provide protection while sleeping. They may be an oddity to some, but motorcycle trailer campers really are a thing. Who knew?