Motorbiscuit’s Freak Show Friday: Why Freak Builders Choose Six Wheel Wonders

As more and more Freak Show Friday submissions stack up at the Motorbiscuit headquarters we have many questions. Many Freak Shows are of the six-wheeled variety. Why? Why is this part of the Freak Show zeitgeist? What is the advantage? Why aren’t all vehicles of the six-wheel variety? These aren’t dually trucks. Is there any reason why freak builders choose a six-wheel wonder? We’ll try to figure out why this choice is part of a freak show feature.

Sometimes the most impractical manifestation of freak features is the six-wheel wonder. Normally a six-wheel setup is to disperse a load over more tires for stability and balance. If you’ve seen a house being moved it is placed on a flatbed that has multiple tires dispersing the load. 

Anyway, aside from the freakishness of a car with six wheels we are at a loss of why anyone would go through the time, effort, expense, and eventual ridicule of creating these freaks. While we can’t justify or explain what we’re seeing, we can lend some info for your freakish entertainment.

We have no clue why anyone would imagine this let alone execute it

red Trabant with second body stacked on top

Our first example is this red Trabant fashioned after a London double-decker bus. We have no clue why anyone would imagine this let alone execute it. The Russian Trabants are considered a joke, and that’s being kind. This is no joke, nor is it a solution for any need or exhibiting any justification or function. Nonetheless, it makes for a great Freak Show Friday find.

The color coordination is well done. The end result is probably not

Aussie dual-wheel shooting brake in gold with 198-s graphics

Next up is this Aussie dual-wheel shooting brake. It looks to have been fairly well-executed if not exactly justified. Again, the time, effort, and brainpower execution go way beyond the end result. The color coordination is well done. The end result is probably not.

we don't know how to describe this

We have no idea what this started as. We also have no idea what its intended purpose is, nor what drug the designer was on when he or she conceived this. The only assumption there is could be that something larger than a V16 is up front. Otherwise, how can one justify adding a second set of wheels in front? Does it make any sense? No, unless it’s Freak Show Friday. Then, it all comes together.

This started as a late-1960s Cadillac. What it has become is anybody’s guess

red six-wheel 1970s cadillac

This started as a late-1960s stacked headlight Cadillac. What it has become is anybody’s guess. The builder obviously loves the long hood, short deck look. Unfortunately, this is not an attractive execution. The compressed passenger compartment is of concern. Can anybody fit in that thing? Would anybody want to? 

From the photo, it looks to have been finished to a professional degree. Too bad the design was not handled by a professional. Had it been it would not have ended up looking like this.

The proportions combined with the six-wheel setup make it imposing


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Finally, an example of a vehicle that actually might need dual rear wheels. This also might need side stabilizers so as not to tip over on its side. The proportions combined with the six-wheel setup make it imposing. But imposing doesn’t necessarily make it good. Or worth the effort. 

Again, we can’t fault the execution. But the concept and the ultimate result leaves one pondering why, and what was this person thinking? Or smoking? Or ingesting? We at Motorbiscuit can’t begin to answer any of those questions. Nor do we care. We relish in the continuing display of insane, freakish, unfathomable creations to present for your edification. Happy Freak Show Friday everyone!