MotorBiscuit’s Freak Show Friday: When In Doubt Stretch It Out

For this Freak Show Friday we present 10 very special stretch jobs. These are not limousines so much as they’re hideous mistakes. In very few cases will there be any good or logical reason why the builder did what he or she did. And don’t forget; these stretches entail more than just lengthening a body. There are brake lines, driveshafts, exhaust, and more to add length to besides quarter panels and a frame. When in doubt freaks stretch it out.

4500 Chevy Cheyenne Multi-Door

We guess it is more entertaining leaving the mismatched doors as they are. The only practical reason for doing this is the transportation of work crews. We doubt that this is why this was created. Instead, we figure the owner had access to some cheap 1973-1987 truck doors and came up with a plan. It’s a bad plan, but a plan nonetheless.

Miata Mess

It’s hard to say what mental state the builder of this stretched Miata was in when he or she executed this Miata mess. It is hard to believe but every modification is senseless. Nothing that was changed was an improvement. It is a stunning study in Freak Show gold, or in this case gray.

Super Stretch Ram Camper

Whatever the purpose is for this stretched Ram pickup is more than offset by the imagined difficulty in turning. Can you imagine that maneuver? The builder gets Freak Show props for finishing the freak and also giving it a single color. Five Freak stars for this Ram without reason.

Miata Truckster

What’s up with stretching out Miatas? This is a practical if somewhat puzzling Miata truckster. And it looks like it is being used which if you’re going to make it drive it. Rather than adding some bizarre personalization, this builder kept it straightforward. 


This mid-1970s Ford Ranchero was cut up to add covered and open hauling capability. Our guess is that the builder had access to two or three Torino/Ranchero donors. It looks like it was figured out before the splicing began. It also looks like it has seen better days. Someone should save it. Or not?


We can’t say what this started out as but it ended up as a stretched Batmobile. It looks like a lot of work, and it gets the Freak Show thumbs up for execution and finish. Few Freaks get to this stage of completion. As much as we make fun of these transformed trash-mobiles it is not easy finishing a freakish project.


This appears to be similar to those ornate busses of India. What it is not like is a regular Volvo wagon. It also doesn’t look like the front matches the back. Does it matter? Absolutely not. It only adds to the mystique of this Freak Show Volvo.

El Camino Stretcho

No, you didn’t just see this in blue. That was a stretched Ford Ranchero. This is along those same lines but is executed on a 1973-77 Chevy El Camino. There must be something that comes with Ranchero-El Camino ownership that compels owners to stretch them. Why? We have no clue.

Stretch Vette

You may remember this from a Freak Show Friday a few weeks ago. We return it as this fits in perfectly with this week’s edition. If you’re going to put two engines in your Corvette expect to have to stretch it. That’s what we have. Whether smarter than just putting in a big block engine is the question. From what we can see that answer is no.



MotorBiscuit’s Freak Show Friday: Upended Extended- Cab Mini Truck

Our final stretch is this Mercedes SL. We wonder if the door handle signifies this is a gullwing? If not we have no idea what’s going on. Especially, as the windshield and window profile are both bizarre. It is hard to say why this looks like this but we can guarantee you that it looks bad.