Most Satisfying 2021 Honda Models According to Consumer Reports

Honda is an automotive icon hailing from Japan. Over the decades, the automotive manufacturer has earned a reputation in the U.S. for well-performing reliable vehicles. However, in owner surveys, some Honda vehicles get more praise than others. These are the most satisfying 2021 Honda models according to Consumer Reports

The 2021 Honda Ridgeline RTL-E pickup truck model driving across a snowy plain as the sun rises over a mountain
2021 Honda Ridgeline RTL-E | American Honda Motor Co., Inc

Cars like the 2021 Honda Civic and 2021 Honda Accord get high consumer satisfaction ratings

a sliver 2021 Honda Accord driving at speed in the city
2021 Honda Accord | Honda

The most satisfying 2021 Honda models according to Consumer Reports get either a 4/5 or 5/5 for predicted owner satisfaction. They also receive high marks in surveys that ask owners if they would buy the vehicle again, given the opportunity. 

Three of Honda’s cars earned 4/5 predicted owner satisfaction ratings. Honda is one of the few automakers that still produces and sells a decent amount of cars. The U.S. has trended hard in the direction of the subcompact, compact, and midsize crossover SUV, and pickup truck as its primary vehicle choices. Still Honda puts out cars that continue to make owners happy. 

A Honda Civic on display at an indoor auto show is one of the most satisfying 2021 Honda models according to Consumer Reports
Honda Civic | Michael Debets/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

The 2021 Honda Civic and the 2021 Honda Accord are two of the most popular cars in America. Each one has a loyal fan base for different reasons. The sporty 2021 Honda Civic is recommended by Consumer Reports. The stately 2021 Honda Accord sedan also earned the recommendation. Plus, 71% and 72% of owners said they would rebuy the Civic and Accord, respectively.

There’s a hybrid car that’s also pleasing buyers

Honda Clarity fuel cell car stopping for hydrogen
Honda Clarity Fuel Cell | Honda

Consumer Reports data shows that the 2021 Honda Clarity also has some of the best consumer satisfaction ratings in Honda’s lineup. The Japanese car company offers the 2021 Honda Clarity as both a fuel-cell model that runs on hydrogen and a plug-in hybrid.

While the 2021 Honda Clarity didn’t perform fantastic in road tests, it still earned Consumer Reports’ recommendation. With a 4/5 predicted owner satisfaction score, this is one of the most satisfying 2021 Honda models according to Consumer Reports. In addition, the 2021 Honda Clarity also has a 5/5 predicted reliability rating. 

Which Honda has the best consumer satisfaction ratings? 

a 2021 Honda Ridgeline HPD parked off-road
2021 Honda Ridgeline | Honda Newsroom

Perhaps surprisingly, as Honda is more well-known for models like the Civic, Accord, or even the Odyssey minivan, its pickup truck has the best consumer satisfaction ratings. The 2021 Honda Ridgeline is among the best Honda models in the lineup, in terms of Consumer Reports ratings. Plus, it is the only pickup truck that Consumer Reports actually recommends. 

With a 5/5 predicted owner satisfaction rating, Consumer Reports predicts that the 2021 Honda Ridgeline will please its owners. Plus, a whopping 82% of owners say they would buy another Ridgeline, given the chance. While a pickup truck may not be the right choice for everyone, this one toes the line between comfortable passenger car and truckish utility. 

With a unibody construction and standard all-wheel drive, the 2021 Honda Ridgeline is an ideal companion for city drivers that need a truck sometimes. It’s no heavy hauling Chevy Silverado or rock crawling Toyota Tacoma. But Consumer Reports touts it as “the most civilized pickup truck we’ve ever tested.”