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Ford makes some reliable SUVs, and the Edge is no different. These are three of the best used Ford Edge model years to look for from recent years. Based on information gathered from owners and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2020, 2014, and 2009 are some highlights. Ford has you covered if you are looking for a reliable sport utility vehicle.

What is the best used Ford Edge to buy?

According to RepairPal, one of the best used Ford Edge years is the 2020 model. While it wasn’t that long ago, the 2020 Ford Edge has zero complaints from the owners listed. The reliability rating for the Edge sits at 3.5 out of five stars, which is above average for the midsize SUV segment.

On top of that, the Edge has average ownership costs. Estimates put those at about $611 annually, which is a good sign for those who might be interested in a used option.

Another good source for finding reliable Ford Edge models is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. On the NHTSA listing for the 2020 Edge, there are only 52 complaints. That’s relatively low when many vehicles rack up 200 or more complaints in the first few years.

2014 was a good year for a used Ford Edge

The 2014 Ford Edge has six reported problems from owners listed. For an SUV that is almost 10 years old, that is a relatively low amount of complaints. Problems with the transmission and power transfer unit (PTU) have been semi-common. That was the most common complaint, but only around 400 owners noted it.

On the NHTSA listing for this used Ford Edge, there are fewer than 300 comments. That makes this another reliable option for those interested in a used Ford SUV. It earned a four-star overall safety rating and only has three formal recalls listed. While the frontal crash score was only three stars, the side crash and rollover tests scored higher.

Regarding the most reliable used Edge years, 2014 was one of the highlights in recent years. People seem to have fewer issues with this year than some of the newer models too.

Check out the used 2009 Edge

A used Ford Edge from 2009
A 2009 Ford Edge | Bradley C. Bower/Bloomberg via Getty Images

2009 Ford Edgeansm

The 2009 Ford Edge story is similar to the 2014 version, with few owner-reported issues. It is one of the more reliable Ford Edge years, with only six issues noted. Some of these are related to the same transmission issue as before, along with a clicking noise from the wheel area.

There are 245 complaints listed on the NHTSA site, which is still pretty low for a vehicle as old as this. The power train seems to be one of the most significant hiccups that impact the 2009 SUV, with some recent complaints from owners. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety even awarded this old SUV with its Top Safety Pick award.

However, these are not significant issues in the grand scheme of things. The Ford Edge has a pretty reasonable number of problems in its long history on the market. Not many SUVs can say that, especially some more popular models.


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