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When choosing which minivan to buy, reliability is a crucial element to consider. You want to ensure your family can dependably reach your destination — without complications. The Honda Odyssey has long been a top choice for reliability. Also, the Kia Carnival is a dependable vehicle as well. However, the most reliable minivan isn’t either of these models, according to J.D. Power. It’s the 2023 Toyota Sienna. Additionally, unlike the Odyssey and Carnival, the Sienna offers all-wheel drive.

2023 Toyota Sienna is the most reliable minivan, according to JD Power

Front view of red 2023 Toyota Sienna, most reliable minivan, not Honda Odyssey or Kia Carnival, says J.D. Power
2023 Toyota Sienna | Toyota

There are multiple benefits of a reliable minivan. This includes fewer repairs, which lowers the cost of vehicle ownership. A dependable minivan is also safer — and without the worry of getting stranded on the side of the road. Dependability also translates to longevity, with a greater likelihood of lasting many miles and years.

And for minivan reliability, the best model isn’t the 2023 Honda Odyssey or the 2023 Kia Carnival, according to J.D. Power. The most reliable minivan is the 2023 Toyota Sienna.

J.D. Power gives this recognition to the Toyota Sienna following the 2023 Vehicle Dependability Study. The Vehicle Dependability Study showcases the most reliable models for each vehicle segment. And the Sienna achieved the top honor for the minivan segment, while the since-discontinued Kia Sedona took second place. Neither the Honda Odyssey nor the Kia Carnival were honored. J.D. Power left the 2023 Chrysler Pacifica off the reliability list as well.

Toyota Sienna: Fewest problems in the Vehicle Dependability Study

Brown interior of 2023 Toyota Sienna, most reliable minivan, not Honda Odyssey or Kia Carnival, says J.D. Power
2023 Toyota Sienna | Toyota

J.D. Power named the 2023 Toyota Sienna the most reliable minivan because it had good results in the 2023 Vehicle Dependability Study. Over the previous year, the data analytics firm collected thousands of owner surveys for new minivans sold in the past three years. 

In the surveys, the owners identified problem areas for their vehicles. This includes the exterior, interior, seats, controls, features, driving experience, powertrain, driving assistance, infotainment system, and climate system. 

The Sienna had fewer issues in these problem areas than other minivans, including the Honda Odyssey, Kia Carnival, and Chrysler Pacifica. As a result, J.D. Power named it the most reliable minivan.

Along with the Sienna, J.D. Power honored other Toyota models for high-level reliability. This includes the C-HR, which earned the dependability top spot for subcompact crossover SUVs, as well as all vehicle types. However, Toyota discontinued the C-HR for the American market. And for the midsize SUV segment, the Highlander is the top model, while the 4Runner placed third. 

Another most reliable first-place recognition is the Tacoma — for the midsize pickup truck segment. Also, there are a couple of second-place honors: the Corolla (compact car) and the Tundra (full-size pickup truck).

Are there any changes for the 2023 Sienna?

While the 2023 Toyota Sienna is predominantly a carryover model, it has a celebratory addition for the new model year. In honor of a quarter-century of production, the Sienna offers a new 25th Anniversary Edition model. The 25th Anniversary Edition has a variety of unique design features, including special badging, bolder-looking bumpers, distinctive dark 20-inch wheels, black-painted caps, “25th Anniversary” floor mats, and silver-colored stitching. 

Also, the Sienna continues to offer a traction-enhancing all-wheel drive system. The only other minivan in America that provides the option for AWD is the Chrysler Pacifica.

The 2023 Toyota Sienna delivers exceptional reliability for the minivan segment. It tops all other vehicles on the most reliable minivan list from J.D. Power, including the 2023 Honda Odyssey, 2023 Kia Carnival, and 2023 Chrysler Pacifica.

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