The Most Reliable New Midsize Sedans That You Can Buy Right Now According to Consumer Reports

  • The Honda Accord’s reliablity scores come out on top
  • An Audi A6 is a luxury choice for buyers that need a reliable car
  • The Subaru Legacy offers AWD and excellent reliability at a bargain price

When people shop for midsize sedans, reliabillity and practicality are often listed as the two largest consumer considerations. Obviously, it’s not hard to see why. These aren’t some sports car you’ll drive every day. Cars like the 2022 Honda Accord are workhorses. With that in mind, Consumer Reports has put together a list of the most reliable sedans money can buy.

What’s the most reliable midsize sedan?

A silver 2022 Honda Accord midsize sedan, rated by Consumer Reports as the most reliable midsize sedan
The 2022 Honda Accord | Honda

We’ll start with the most obvious choice: the 2022 Honda Accord. It’s Honda’s midsize runabout, and it’s been the best for the better part of a few decades. Unfortunately, the manual transmission is out in the new Accord. However, there are still a handful of engine options. First, there’s the 192 hp 1.5L four-pot, loosely related to the one found in the Civic Si. That’ll net you 31 mpg overall. Then, there’s the 252 hp 2.0L hybrid turbo four, which is hooked up to a 10-speed gear box.

As far as fuel economy goes, this 2022 Honda Accord is the one to have. CR’s testing returned 47 mpg overall. Strong numbers made even stronger with a gentle right foot. Of course, all this to say nothing of the midsize sedan’s reliability. Honda has long carried a reputation for reliability, and it’s no surprise to see that the brand’s newest midsize sedan returned strong reliability scores. 2022 Accord pricing ranges from $25,470 to $37,400.

The Subaru Legacy is a strong runner-up sedan

A dark blue Subaru Legacy shot on a city street from the front 3/4
The Subaru Legacy features excellent reliability | Subaru

Now, supposing you prefer your pistons horizontally opposed, there’s the Subaru Legacy. It’s another midsize sedan staple from Japan, with a few twists baked in. First, there’s the AWD. Like many Subaru models, from the WRX to the Outback, the Legacy comes standard with AWD. Like the Accord, the Subaru Legacy also offers a choice of a few engines. Chief among these is the 260 hp turbocharged boxer four, followed by a lesser 2.5L n/a motor of the same variety.

However, both model’s MPG is hurt by the addition of a few extra driveshafts. The overall mpg was rated by Consumer Reports at a lowly 28 mpg, significantly less than the Honda’s. However, the ride and reliability do help to assuage some of that pain. CR said that the ride was near luxury sedan nice, and of course, the Subaru Legacy carries the brand’s reputation for reliability. New models range from $22,995 to $36,195.

A new Audi A6 is the most reliable luxury sedan

A trio of silver and grey Audi A6 sedans by a lake
The Audi A6 lineup | Audi

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Finally, for those looking to spend a little more, there’s the AWD Audi A6. German luxury midsize sedans aren’t usually a byword for reliability like a Honda, but the A6 sticks out because it’s an exception to the rule. The A6 has managed to consistently improve its reliability in the segment over the years, matching pace with the rest of the brand, and, as a bonus, the interior is one of the best in the business. No matter your choice or budget, there’s a reliable, practical midsize sedan out there, but our pick is the ever-triumphant Honda Accord, which offers the best blend of luxury, economy, and tech in one package.