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When looking for the most reliable car brands, recall data is a great place to start. And when you take out low-volume manufacturers, one mainstream car brand stands out. It’s not Honda or Toyota that had the fewest recalls last year. Instead, it is Mazda that had fewer recalls than any other brand in 2022.

A gray Mazda3 sedan parked in front of a city building
The Mazda3 is one of the most reliable cars on sale today | Mazda

How many recalls did Mazda have in 2022?

Incredibly, Mazda had just one recall in all of 2022. That alone makes it one of the most reliable car brands. However, looking at more data paints a clearer picture of how impressive this accomplishment is.

According to Forbes, other brands with just one recall include Bugatti, Ferrari, and Maserati. All of these brands sell a fraction of the vehicles sold by Mazda. The only other mainstream brand is Polestar, which sells just one all-electric model. In short, Mazda is the only manufacturer selling both high-volume and affordable vehicles in this category of most reliable car brands.

Even more impressive, that recall came early in 2022. So far, no 2022 or 2023 Mazda models have been affected by a recall.

Two Mazda Miata models on a multi-lane city road
No Mazda Miata models were recalled in 2022 | Mazda

What was the Mazda recall last year?

Mazda’s 2022 recall was for fuel pumps on a number of different models. In all, over 121,000 vehicles were affected, and dealership fixes were rolled out in January of 2022. The fuel pump issue related to the impeller that pulled fuel into the engine. This spinning mechanism could fail, leading to power loss and stalling, creating a dangerous situation. That said, if you consider that Mazda has sold over one million units since 2018, a recall of just 121,000 vehicles is quite an achievement.

Just two recalls for 2021-2023 models make Mazda one of the most reliable car brands

It is important to remember that even though the recall is from 2022, it includes vehicles built between 2018 and 2020. For 2021, Mazda recalled just two models totaling fewer than 24,000 units. Those were the Mazda CX-9 for rear-seats that could slide during a crash, and the CX-30 for faulty power liftgate software.  And for 2022 and 2023 Mazda models, there are no recalls to report. That statistic is surprising, but it does make Mazda one of the most reliable car brands available today.

Interior of the Mazda CX-30 in red leather
The left rear seat of the Mazda CX-30 led to a recall | Mazda

What causes a vehicle recall?

Typically, recalls are a response to an issue that poses a safety threat to drivers and bystanders. Issues like the Mazda fuel pump problem can cause the vehicle to lose power at any point, which increases the potential for a crash. The source of a recall depends on the nature of the problem. Sometimes, automakers issue recalls for an unexpected issue with a specific part. Even the most reliable car brands issue recalls like these. In other cases, federal regulators issue recalls based on consumer complaints and research. While the process for a recall can change, the outcome is always the same. Manufacturer dealerships provide recall fixes at no cost to vehicle owners.

Even the most reliable car brands have recalls

Even if you buy from the most reliable car brands, your vehicle may be subject to a recall. You can check with the manufacturer or the National Transportation Safety Administration to see if your vehicle has been recalled and needs a repair. However, if you own a Mazda you have fewer reasons to worry.

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