Most Reliable 3-Year-Old Lexus Models

Buying a new Lexus is tempting, but opting for a used model instead provides you with luxury and at a  discount. Lexus is widely celebrated for being an especially reliable car brand, which makes their models even more desirable as used-car options. To get the most bang for your buck, Consumer Reports recommends shopping among the three-year-old models. Based on CR’s data, we have gathered three of the most reliable Lexus models you can buy from 2017.

2017 Lexus GS

The 2017 GS outpaces rivals in its class because of its sporty performance, plush interior, and assembly of desirable in-car electronics and safety features. Additionally, this sedan is known for being extremely spacious and accommodating. Trunk space is also above-average for its class.

As far as power goes, the GS offers a variety of options. Each of the three trim levels features its own punchy engine. Its base model comes with a twin-turbocharged four-cylinder and is the most fuel-efficient option. The mid-tier GS 350 comes with a robust V6 engine and the premium Lexus GS F comes with a tough V8. 

The GS F is the best option for an enhanced performance experience while the GS 350 is the only trim available with all-wheel-drive. No matter what trim level you pick, you’re bound to have a fun and engaging driving experience. The main drawback on the GS is generally the same for all the other Lexus models on the list: the infotainment system is not very user-friendly. 

2017 Lexus ES

This sedan may not be as cushiony as the GS, but it does still offer noteworthy comfort. The ES is super reliable and functional. In fact, critics considered this luxury mid-size sedan as one of the best value options for 2017. 

The ES is powered by a peppy V6 engine that makes a 268-horsepower. It also has a good fuel economy rating for its class with a combined 25 mpg. You might also want to consider the hybrid version which gets a superb 36 mpg. The ES isn’t particularly sporty, but it does provide extreme smoothness.

Top safety scores are also a remarkable aspect of the ES. It comes standard with many advanced safety features which include automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, and lane departure warning. The 2017 model also introduced a revamped infotainment display but drivers still didn’t find it very intuitive. 

2017 Lexus NX

If you want a vehicle that offers a more elevated driving position, then the NX might be for you.  This subcompact SUV delivers on upscale features, engaging driving dynamics, and outstanding reliability. The NX is also a good value buy, especially for a luxury model. It gets a combined 24 mpg and there’s a hybridized version that gets a combined 29 mpg.

The NX receives its power from a quick turbocharged four-cylinder engine that’s ideal for every day driving. There are a few drawbacks to consider though that may impact your overall satisfaction. Not many advanced safety features come standard on the NX and its rear seat is pretty narrow.