Most Popular Cars Among the Baby Boomer Generation

Sure there are plenty of vehicles that are popular no matter who you are, but age and lifestyle do a lot to determine what type of cars we buy. For the Baby Boomer generation, Consumer Reports made a list of cars that were the most satisfying and popular, and most of them won’t surprise you. We see luxury cars, sports cars, and a handful of something a little bit plainer.

Baby Boomers love sports cars

For most Baby Boomers their children are grown up and gone, leaving plenty of room to ditch more practical SUVs and sedans for sportier options. Sure you might want something that you can take your grandchildren to the zoo in, but for the most part, you are looking for something more fun than reasonable, and that means sports cars. The Porsche 718 Boxster is a popular option among Baby Boomers. It offers enough comfort and features that you won’t be miserable driving it like you would smaller sports cars like the Lotus Elise.

2020 Porsche 718 Spyder | Porsche

As a Porsche fan, the 718 Boxster isn’t that surprising, but it’s far from the lone sports car to make the list. Of course for a generation raised on American muscle cars it only makes sense that they would also be obvious choices. The Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenge in different trim levels have a lot to offer, and along with being performance-oriented cars, they are still spacious and comfortable to drive.

Comfort and luxury isn’t left behind

Then, of course, there are a handful of luxury cars that also make the list. Cars like the BMW X5 are attractive options that sit higher off of the ground than sports cars and sedans, without sacrificing luxury or style. Splurge for the M trim level and you might even forget you are driving an SUV all together as you enjoy the car’s hidden performance capabilities.

2020 BMW X5 M driving up mountain road
2020 BMW X5 M | BMW

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Tesla cars seem to be popular for any age demographic, so it isn’t surprising to see the Model 3 and Model S make the list. Along with the Volvo XC40, it is clear that second to sports cars, luxury cars seem to be the cream of the crop. Luxury cars are typically more expensive to purchase and maintain, but chances are you aren’t spending as much money on your kids these days as you once were.

If you’re surprised that Corvette didn’t make the list, we are too, but then again this list isn’t the end-all-be-all of what Baby Boomers can buy, just a quick list of what seems to be the most popular. It could be that older generations of Corvette are still more popular than the new mid-engine C8. Either way most of the cars on the list make sense, and there is a good range between performance and luxury that all fit together pretty darn well.