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There’s one version of the 2022 GMC Canyon that most people are buying. Sometimes, popularity isn’t always a sign that something is good. That bears the question, is the most popular 2022 GMC Canyon actually the best? We compare the best-selling Canyon trim with those recommended by experts.

Black 2023 GMC Canyon Denali
2023 GMC Canyon | GMC

According to Edmunds, the 2022 GMC Canyon is available in four trim levels. They are Elevation Standard, Elevation, AT4, and Denali. For the base model, GMC charges $30,080, while the highest trim will cost you $44,495. However, Edmunds says the most popular version of the Canyon is right in the middle. Most customers buy the 2022 GMC Canyon Elevation model, which starts at around $35,000.

Why does everyone want the Canyon Elevation?

White 2023 GMC Canyon AT4 posed
2023 GMC Canyon | GMC

Every GMC Canyon comes with excellent features like Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. However, the Elevation trim level changes a lot for the better. For example, a remote-locking tailgate, LED foglights, a sliding rear window, cruise control, a power-adjustable driver’s seat, and a leather-wrapped, tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel are all standard with the Canyon Elevation. Thanks to these features, the Elevation feels like much higher quality than the base model.

We think the price and difference in features make the more expensive model the better choice. The price difference isn’t too significant, but many new features make it much better. Moreover, if the Elevation trim were more costly, it wouldn’t be worth it. Fortunately, it remains in a sweet spot that’s far less expensive than the AT4 and Denali trim levels. Additionally, the two bottom trims can optionally upgrade to the 3.6-liter V6 engine and four-wheel drive.

According to Edmunds, the best version of the 2022 GMC Canyon is the Denali trim. As the range-topping trim, it’s also the most expensive. However, the publication says it’s well worth the price if your budget can handle it. Starting at $42,395, Edmunds chooses it for its long list of standard features and more powerful V6 engine. In addition, it recommends the diesel engine option if you’re looking to tow some extra weight.

Alternatively, Car and Driver recommend buying the Elevation trim level. C/D cites the next step up, the Canyon AT4, as a reason to buy the Canyon Elevation. That might sound weird, but it’s because the Chevy Colorado is a better alternative. Although the AT4 is an excellent off-roader, the Colorado ZR2 is much better. As a result, that leaves the Elevation trim with all-wheel drive and the V6 engine. This makes the Canyon the best it can be, and C/D says it would add two more packages.

The Elevation Premium package offers a heated steering wheel, heated front seats, and leather upholstery. Next, the Driver Alert package adds driver assist features like lane departure warning and rear parking sensors. As a result, the 2022 GMC Canyon Elevation with these packages is very well-equipped and remains cheaper than the AT4 and Denali trims.

In conclusion, we think the most popular 2022 GMC Canyon trim is actually the best. One expert believes the Denali trim is the best version to buy. We have a hard time recommending it because it’s so expensive and doesn’t quite offer enough value. However, the Elevation trim is the perfect mid-tier trim combining affordability with plenty of features. In addition, we would also add the optional packages, AWD, and the V6 engine. The most popular 2022 GMC Canyon provides the most bang for your buck in the lineup.


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